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11/09/2008 08:30 AM


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Are you in alot of pain today, or did something happen McBeth?

11/09/2008 11:34 AM
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Thanks tabby. I came down with the flu Thursday, got sick at work and couldn't get off the floor of the bathroom stall. Called hubby to come get me, when he got there he made me drive home anyway so the car wouldn't sit there. Haven't really eaten since lunch on Thursday. Yesterday hubby put Taco left overs on the counter and told me if I was hungry to heat it up.

You know the same old 6 & 7's of life.Smile

Oh and if you get this flu going around, any medication you take will NOT stay down and here is a word of advice.....pinch your nose close BEFORE you barf.Wink

11/09/2008 01:19 PM
abby36Posts: 111

for me, I think it's the fibro. I wasn't like this before, personally. I've always been moody and deep and intense. but never just crying all the time. but, i too have been doing this more lately. last night i cried because i couldn't stand in line at popeye's for 5 minutes and the line was long as whatever and no one was really moving and i got frustrated and left with sore heels and no food. thankfully, my partner took pity on me and drove me to subway where there wasn't even any customers! lol

for me, i think i'm a bit depressed (I had emergency surgery in june and jut never recovered, so i've been in sick mode for far too long now) and also i'm recently diagnosed and seem to keep running into one more #$^ thing I can't do, did before but hurts now, or may never do again.

this morning, i started thinking about how i need to change my thought pattern. it's not "never". at least not until I've had some solid treatment for a while and see what's what. so for now, it's "right now I can't do this or it hurts". not forever.

one day at a time! i always thought that was a stupid saying. i'm a planner and i'm always thinking of the future so it made no sense to me. but now, when each day and each hour change drastically, the best thing is to take one day and sometimes even one hour at a time.

easy for me to say, now i just have to do it! Wink



11/09/2008 03:19 PM

Depression is so common. It is like you lost your best friend. You can't do the things you use to do. I forget so many things. I have been wearing out the carpet. I start to walk to get something and then I forgot what it was. Then I remember and I walk again. For me it's take each moment in time. I hope things get better for you soon.

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