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10/11/2008 09:53 AM

Panic attack


I was feeling wierd yesterday. Blink I couldn't figure out what it was. Thought it was my medicine cause after I took all of them it when it first hit me.

Sick I took a nap after grand doggy left and I felt better so I decided I needed to go get a bit of groceries for hubbys lunch the next day. Got up to the train tracks and there was a train sitting there. I was about car #10 in line so I figured it would be moving soon. Whistling I had looked in my rear view mirror and there sat a Sheriff car. Ermm That didn't bother me. People started making U turns in front of me and going back the way they came. It was 1/2 hr later that everything started to move. It's the GM loading station and they are only to tie up traffic for no more than 15 minutes. One train was moving real slow, one train was just sitting there and good lord there came another train going in the opposite direction really fast. That's when the panic attack hit. I didn't know what to do and I don't know what triggered it. If I still smoked, I swear I would have ripped the bottom off the pack of cigarettes and smoked them all at once. What's bad about it was the fact that when the last car of the fast moving train went by, there sat another train not moving but blocking the road. Angry This was now an hour after we all got to the crossing. The cop got mad, turned on his lights got out of his car and actually walked up the tracks beside the stopped train until he found someone from CSX. They moved the remaining train off the track and we finally got moving.

Then I got home and got the mail. Yay!!! a letter from Allsup. Went inside and read it. GOOD NEWS! they said. The ODAR received my case and is awaiting action by the administrative law judge. The hearing level takes an estimated 8 to 18 months but in some instances it takes 24 months or longer to schedule a hearing. What a bummer. Shocked Sad

By the time I get a hearing, I will be eligible close to early retirement age.

So I ate some M&M's and went to my happy place. Music turned up loud as I could singing at the top of my lungs.


10/11/2008 06:21 PM

Bless your heart... seems like a really annoying day but maybe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. My best thoughts go out to you that the hearing will be expedited and you win.


10/11/2008 07:10 PM

Thanks Midnyte

10/12/2008 01:18 AM
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Hope you are feeling better today janilee.

Gee that cute witch grew up ugly.


10/12/2008 08:14 AM
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I hope you are having a better rest of your weekend. I've recently been having some panic attacks so I know how bothersome they can be (I've been getting them when the rls sensations all over my body are really bad. I had one last week when I was there for my sleep study. Scary stuff when they come!)

I wish I had chocolate in my house! Last night I actually took out a pouch of cookie mix and made a batch. I was sooooo bad...I think I ate 8 of them!!!!!! But boy were they good!

I think I'm going to give the other pouch of cookie mix to the local food bank! Silly

10/12/2008 11:39 AM
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So I ate some M&M's and went to my happy place. Music turned up loud as I could singing at the top of my lungs.

Oh, we thought that was the mexicans on the North end of town having another barbequeGrin

Hope today is better for you. Oh and I AM done raking leaves, changed my avatar just for you, so you will have to check it out.

10/12/2008 04:05 PM

Ha ha fooled you MB. It was just me. Ribs were really good too. mmmmmm mmmmmmm good. Will have to go and check out your new avatar.

10/12/2008 05:37 PM
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My prayers are with you Janilee...good luck and I hope your hearing is coming very soon. With this cold weather...I am feeling it too. Sad I can't believe how cold weather can make me feel. I wanna move somewhere very, very, warm....LOL!

10/12/2008 06:52 PM

I hope your hearing goes smoothly!

I'm appealing my SSI right now, so much fun being in limbo isn't it?

I get panick attacks at random times too, i just feel like i have to run and my face gets so hot and red..i look like a tomatoe.

i had one today and am now so wiped from it, ans starving yoo haha..i am currently waiting for my pumpkin scones to that will bring me to one heck of a happy place.

soft hugs,


10/12/2008 08:10 PM
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Hi Jan,

So sorry to hear about your panic attacks.

They sure are not fun. I can hardly leave the house anymore.

Glad your paperwork made it to the ALJ office. Hope the wait isn't to long for you. I can't even remember when I got that letter. It seems like so long ago and I'm still waiting.

I need to find my happy place!



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