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10/09/2008 12:58 PM

What makes your pain or stress better


I know there are allot of new peeps out there that could use the advice so I thought I would start a thread for things that make us happy or lessen the pain.

For some fibro sufferers touch hurts, for me it eases the pain. Just a hug, comfort, or a gentle pat on the back can loosen up my muscles a little. But a massage is to much and hurts! Pinch

A hot bath will loosen my muscles and temporarily alleviate some of the pain. I do notice however that I stiffen afterwards and start to ache. I have gotten the advice to use a cold pack after my bath.

Ice pack is awesome on my joint pain! Numb me up!

Fresh air and a short walk sometimes help to alleviate stress which in turn helps with the pain.

Snuggling with my little doggy.

And the number one thing for me to lessen my pain and make this fibro more managable is LAUGHTER! Laughing If you can appreciate the small joys in life it can lessen your stress and distract you from pain. Watch a funny movie or read a funny book. I enjoy laughing at my dog and my little sister, she's terribly clumsy. Just laughing with her makes me forget the pain, even if it's just for 30 seconds, it's 30 seconds that I got back of my life.

Take Care Of You! Kissing

Oh I forgot vitamins help! But I can't for the life of me remember to take them Angry But I take a joint complex health pill, B50, B12, Zinc and calcium. Also fish oil or Omega 3 and Vitamin D I have heard help fibro sufferers.

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10/09/2008 01:31 PM

Also, treating myself to a dinner out, nothing fancy but a local restaurant. It's only a little while and I don't have to do dishes. This is usually when I will have a little treat like ice cream as well. Wink

10/09/2008 01:48 PM
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Two things guaranteed to make my stress better: The absence of IH, and my SS. My SS brings a smile to my face no matter what I'm going through or how much pain I'm in.

My heating pad is a must for my pain, as are all my meds. My Diazepam doesn't do enough for me. I wish I were back on Xanax. It helped a lot with stress, but I haven't convinced current doctor of this yet.

Special music, the sound of SS's guitar, long soaks in a fragrant tub, incense, fountains, nice weather and watching my kids (of the furry four-legged variety) play together quietly.

Nature...its sounds, its sights, its fragrance, wildlife, all bring a smile to my face. The more I smile, the less I hurt, unless it's a forced smile. Those don't count. I have to do a lot of those.

Peace, tranquility, and sensuality. I don't mean that in a sexual way. I mean, I am a very sensual person. Sights, sounds, touches, scents, tastes are all important to me, and if present in the right forms and of the right quality, enhance my life and ease my pain.

10/09/2008 02:13 PM
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"Hi nana" from jayden

A new picture of Emma

Alyssas laughter

A gentle hug from Jordan

Sharing jokes with Tristen

And Ethans telling me he is going to get me well

My grand children are the true sunshine of my life and can make any problem I have seem smaller

10/09/2008 02:26 PM
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Rest and meds...

10/09/2008 03:43 PM

Well, It is my dear friend Barbara. My youngest daughter causes stess for me!

10/09/2008 06:00 PM

Money problems cause stress for me! Trying to make the housepayment and go to the market.

Stress relivers:

Silas, my beautiful grandson relieves stress for me. He is such a bundle of joy. He smiles and points at me when he sees me.

My husband and I went for a walk in the woods today. He walked to where he hunts and I sat in the woods and prayed for my family and friends.

10/09/2008 06:10 PM

Things that stress me out the most: Money issues, wondering if will have enough for the groceries, electric, etc., arguing with my dh, worrying about my son when he is out of town, worrying about my dad who is 76 and lives alone.

What brings me joy the most and relieves my stress: My beautiful grandson Johnny T, who is almost 2 yrs old, he makes me smile and laugh and he reaches up and touches my face and gives me tender kisses and says wuv u mawmaw, my only son, who is caring and giving who also makes me smile, being home with my dogs while sitting in my craft room reading or crafting, coming onto mdjunction, and going to bed!!!

02/13/2009 09:41 AM
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02/13/2009 10:00 AM
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What relieves stress for me is: laughter, my grandkids taking me with them to their world of wonder, as Starr stated, tranquility, senuality...the feel of soft sheets against my skin, the smell of air after it has rained, the touch of a hand in mine, soothing, beauiful music, sights such as rain, snow, trees, fields, blue skies, a flickering candle, a fire in the fireplace, the moon and stars shining upon a back velvet background.These things bring peace to my soul.

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