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08/21/2008 01:04 AM

diagnosis ???

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How do you get a dr to see you and talk to you or diagnose you? Dr. for arthritis don't want to see me because I have a lot of problems. I am very frustrated to say the least.

08/21/2008 03:26 AM

Good Morning sjopsg. Welcome to this forum. It sounds like you need to see a Rhuematologist. They are the doctors the are use to seeing patients with multiple illness. Welcome!

08/21/2008 04:06 AM
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Good morning sjopsg and WELCOME to our group !!!

Do you have a Primary Care Physician ? He could help you or even refer you to a Rhuematologist etc.

If you don t have a regular physician I suggest you shop around and I m sure you will find one in your area.

Sorry I cannot be of more help !!!

08/21/2008 05:25 AM
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I agree with the rhuematologist being your best bet.

welcome to the group

08/21/2008 05:59 AM
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Hi everyone,

I went through a succession of specialists before getting a digagnoses. I have to admit it was from a Rhuematologist as well Smile


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