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03/28/2010 06:27 AM

Grrrr...I CAN'T Sleep! Suggestions?

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I'm laying in bed, it's 9:20am,I have to be up at 10:30am. ERRR WHY?! This seems to happen at least once a week to me. I'm always tired and dragging throughout the day and then I'll have a night or 2 during the week where I cant or sometimes WONT sleep. It's so frustrating! This happened to me last Sunday night too. I FINALLY fell asleep at 12-12:30 in the afternoon and I slept until 4pm, got up, tired (weird though, not as tired as i am when I get 6-8hrs of sleep??)and I had to go to work at 6pm-3am. after that, I slept THROUGH Tuesday and got up at about 6pm on Wednesday. I got a termination warning from my one job because I cant wake up sometimes. err. the only thing that made me get right out of bed was Savella. thats the ONLY good thing that drug did. Is this normal for people with Fibro to sleep a lot and still be tired one day and to have insomnia the next??

Should I talk to doc or is this a normal symptom of Fibro? and PLEASE..........WHAT helps?!?!



03/28/2010 06:55 AM
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sleep disturbances do tend to be part of the symptomology...and for some of us those were the first indication things were going haywire.....


the usual;

have a routine

go to bed at the same time

don't exercise heavily before going to bed

harm bath or shower

OTC sleep aids, melatonin, diphenhydramine

counting sheep-my version of counting sheep is desinging new quilts in my mind

having a good quality mattress

and so on........

sweet dreams honey....sorry you are having trouble.....


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03/28/2010 07:25 AM
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Hi Lu,

I agree with what Natalia said.

Yes sleep disorders are part of fibromyaliga. It seems you are having a real problem with it. My opinion is that if the lack of sleep or the quality of sleep starts interfering with your getting warnings at work it is time to talk to your doctor. Perhaps he/she can give you some more suggestions like Natalia did or you may need something to help you sleep.

I was having the same problems with sleep like you and my doctor put me on AmbienCR. It's a time release medications. It causes you to fall asleep much faster and helps you sleep longer. There is nothing like a good night's sleep.

Wishing you all the best!

Many soft hugs,


03/28/2010 07:52 AM
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well nat said it all... you do need a routine, that will help also the only other thing I can say is a sleep movie I cant sleep in silence my mind runs to much..

so I use the same movie every night togo to sleep to when Imhaving a hard time..I can get to sleep but even with ambien Im up every few hours..

04/09/2010 02:09 AM
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Hey guys! Thank you and I appreciate your suggestions!

It's 4:30am and I'm STILL awake since sometime around 5 or 6pm on Wednesday evening. Angry OK HONESTLY, I DON'T think that's 'normal' OR healthy!

I DO TRY to go to sleep at the same time the best I can. I do and don't do everything everyone's suggested before! Broken ~ I watch shows and movies that I know by heart every night too! I've tried EVERYTHING I could POSSIBLY think of and nothing works! Dizzy

Natalia ~ You suggested melatonin and diphenhydramine; THIS is something I haven't tried or heard of. What is it and how does it work?

I saw my doctor today (Thursday)....What ANOTHER terrible experience! Ermm Today was my THIRD visit IN A ROW, that his cell phone went off (it's NOT on vibrate)! OK, maybe his phone ringing isn't THAT terrible, but I actually have to STOP TALKING so he can return his texts, emails or whatever he's doing on his phone and not listening to me! Angry I told him 2 times that the nurse lowered my medication to 20mg and yet he asked me 5 minutes later: "Ok, so you're on 30mg's?" Angry

I told him that my sleeping habits were having a HUGE negative impact on my life. I also asked him if a sleep study might be in order. He said: "You're okay, it'll get better" and "Don't worry, you'll be fine." He told me not to try any over the counter sleeping medications because "It will just make things worse" and he "Wont be able to tell if the Cymbalta's working or not."

I'm sorry but, WHAT?!?!!? How in the HECK could me getting a good night's rest make things WORSE?! I don't get it?!?! If anyone understands his reasoning; could you PLEASE help me to understand?!

I understand that we need to see how the Cymbalta's working but if this is really starting to disrupt my LIFE and JOB; WHAT could be worse?! I don't get it.....Sad

My first priority is finding a rheumatologist when I get back from vacation next week but I'm DEFIANTLY going to keep an eye out for a new doctor!

Does anyone have more suggestions to help me out until I find a better doctor?! Is this type of insomnia 'normal' for FM?



04/09/2010 03:58 AM
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I'm having the same problems with sleeping. My PCP is having me take 2 of my sleeping pills at night now. It is Tamazpen. It has helped some but I have only been on this since April 1 so I have to give it some more time. I hope you find some answers for the sleep. I know it bothered me alot too. Good Luck!!!

04/09/2010 04:10 AM

Nat pegged it. The body needs sleep, especially ours. Sometimes I have such low blood pressure, that I actually have to drink coffee to raise it enough to sleep,,,,,,go figure.

It runs in my family. We are all a different puzzle, use Nat's suggestions and see the doctor, and the rest.


04/09/2010 05:17 AM
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Hi Lu. I absolutely know what you are going through. I went for years with very little sleep. Now Melatonin is my best friend!

I was prescribed Ambien, but it has never given me more than 3 hrs. sleep straight. I finally started using Melatonin which is doing great for me. It's 3mg,and says to only use one in 24hrs. I go to sleep about 15-20 minutes after taking it. At first I still woke up in 3 hours, but was able to go back to sleep and get another 2 hours or so. It soon got my sleep rythem more normal,4hrs. and 3 more. And, the good part. No drowsies the next day.Smile

Hope you find something that helps you soon,(like a good dr.Whistling ). In the meantime, hope you give the Melatonin a try and that it works as well for you as it does for me. I'm dreaming again, so know I'm getting some good rem sleep finally. W00t

Nighty night now.Sideways

04/09/2010 06:12 AM
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Hi Lu, Since I have chronic "sleep depravation disorder" or constantly jet rheumy rx'd Ambien. Since it only lasts 4 hrs, my doc suggested I take my Lyrica with it at night. I do manage 5-6 hrs sleep, maybe 7-8 if I'm really jetlagged. After reading your blog, if it was me, I would find a new doc right away. If answering his texts is more important, and he is not listening to you, I'd say bye bye. As I always tell my friends, someone HAS to graduate at the bottom of his class.I'm new to this group so I hope I haven't interjected or stepped on any toes with my rambling.

04/09/2010 06:26 AM
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I with the Melatonin have found I have real 'trippy' dreams though:-/ Weird dreams but sleep tooSmile I have found the Fibro throws off the sleep thing, way off...can t sleep and I was up all night, like a baby with her days & nights mixed up! My sleeplessness can cause seizures, so I tried the over the counter Melatonin after my doctor suggested it, and it works for me too, but as with everything what works for one might not work for another>

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