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07/27/2008 12:08 AM

Fentanyl issues with vicodin.

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Hi there! I am hoping someone on this site could help me with a question I have about Fentanyl and Vicodin.

I am not sure where to really start but I'll try my best. I have just been prescribed Fentanyl Transdermal System 25 mcg/hr, I've been using the patch for 2 days now but I also take vicodin as well. The problem I am having is when I take the vicodin I start to itch out of control and I can not stop the itching. The bad thing is I will continue to itch even if I start to bleed.

I guess my question is why am I itching out of control when I take the vicodin with the Fentanyl? I did not itch before when I was just taking the vicodin but now I am itching like crazy and I can't stop! Is there a reason why I am itching so much? Do these two drugs affect each other or do I just have an allergic reaction from both of these drugs? I am really scared because I am bleeding a lot from itching so bad!

Any help would be great! I am 19 and taking these narcotics for my chronic pain that I have with all the lung surgeries I've had from collapse lungs and ect.

Thanks a lot,



07/27/2008 12:25 AM
alaskawannabePosts: 29

Please... Take off the Fentanly Patch immediately.....

You may be having a severe reaction to it. I had the same thing happen to me when I used the Fentanly Patch and Vicodin.

Fentanly is a very potent narcotic and like all medications you need to be aware of the potential side effects before you take the medication.

So please, pull it off and don't use it again, until you speak with your doctor. Better to be safe then sorry..... this is how overdoses happen.

07/27/2008 09:31 AM

Sounds like an allergic reaction to the Fentanyl. I'd call your physician and tell him about the itching. You can use some benydryl cream to apply topically to the itch. I had that type of a reaction with Pletal, used for intermitant claudication in your legs. You just couldn't scratch deep enough to stop the itching.

Welcome to the forum.


07/27/2008 07:13 PM
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Thanks for the helpful info and I will be sure to call my pain management doctor tomorrow!

Thanks again,



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