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07/23/2008 08:32 AM

Alternative Approaches and Treatments(page 2)

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My husband teases me about getting rid of our 2 dogs. We could save on food costs, and vet bills.

Because no one had better hearing or smelling than I did on this side of the eqator!!!


07/23/2008 09:23 AM
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My CPAP machine puts me to sleep faster than anything I have ever tried before. It's so amazing and it's not even loud. All I hear is my own breathing. I love it. It does drown out the tinnitus, which I think may be one of the machine's redeeming values, lol.

07/30/2008 01:09 PM
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After spending the weekend in full-day meetings, I've been working from home the last few days. As a result of sitting, typing and not getting any rest I've been stiff and sore all over.

I have an ongoing issue with my neck and shoulders, which is exacerbated by my sedentary office work. My shoulders and muscles around the base of my neck are as hard as concrete and in constant spasm - very painful and uncomfortable and the cause of nasty headaches too.

So I decided to go to the local Sea Baths for some thalassotherapy. Just lazing about in the warm sea water, using the hot air jets on my neck and shoulders, and working out a sweat in the steam room felt marvellous.

Hopefully this will tie me over until my appointment with the masseuse; meanwhile I've been relying on those pillows you heat in the microwave...

07/30/2008 05:18 PM
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Hi Christine, I can relate to what you posted. Most of my pain is centered in my shoulders and upper arms. Some days I am so stiff I can hardly move and other days, it thankfully lets up.

Hope your spa techniques help you Smile


07/30/2008 11:58 PM
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Can anyone tell me where I can purchase Turmeric? I have been wanting to try it for my pain to see if it helps.

07/31/2008 02:46 AM
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Hi Recovered26,

Turmeric is REALLY easy to find. It's the dominant spice in curry (Indian food) and you can find it in the spice aisle at almost any grocery store and probably also at drugstores with other supplements. It's a member of the ginger family and I often mix a little in with vegetables or with rice so I get a regular supply of it.

Good luck and props to you for blogging, being proactive about your wellness in all aspects and for wanting to take things that have been a struggle for you and empower yourself by giving to others.

07/31/2008 04:25 AM
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Well, to be specific, here's what I take, and it works best for FMS if you're not on any other Rx's, even though I am I still take it:

825 mg Malic Acid - 2 tablets twice daily for pain and inflammation

3 tablets twice a day of Olympian Labs "Inflameric", a proprietary blend of enzymes to keep down inflammation. Works great for me and is available at - just do a search.

Also available at - 1 glass of water and scoop of powder, twice a day of Olympian Labs 8 in 1 protein probiotic powder for cleansing and detoxing to help with everything else you're taking

100 mg COEnzyme Q10 a day for heart and general well-being.

As needed - Peter Gilliam's "Natural Calm" Magnesium powder. Mix with warm water and drink all at once in about an 8 ounce glass. Helps with calming, balancing out one's calcium level and anxiety as well as replenishing the body's need for Magnesium to help with the inflammation and soreness - take 2-3 glasses full a day.

Healthy Aging NT Factor (The REAL thing, not a cheap copy - available online for $29.99) 3 tablets, twice daily up to 3 tablets 3X daily depending on your needs. With this one, the more you take, the better you'll probably feel. Increases cell mitrochondria production to rid the cells of waste and built up of chemicals that cause trigger points and muscle spasm pain, etc. Can't say enough about this supplement.

I do that every day and on my good days, it takes away ALL of my FMS symptoms and gives me energy. It's NOT A miracle cure, and I'm NOT a doctor, so all of this is just suggestions, but you asked what works for others and this works for me.

Good luck.



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