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02/19/2010 07:18 PM

Hurts to walk, is this normal?

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It has been a while since I visited. I am still struggling and some days are so much worse than others. I am finding it difficult to even walk. My right ankle hurts so bad (all tests normal, no sign of arthritis, bone issues, etc). My hip also hurts. I just can't believe that a syndrome, that a lot of people have never heard of and doctor's don't know what causes it, can actually hurt so badly. If anyone else has trouble even walking, please let me know so I can feel less crazy! Thank you all...

02/19/2010 07:43 PM
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It's very common, you are not the only one and are absolutely not crazy. Sometimes I wake up and feel like I have 60 lb cinderblocks on my feet. Many Fibro sufferers have foot and leg pain. You are not alone. Wink

02/19/2010 08:04 PM
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Hi Rainyday.

Yes it does hurt on walking and if I would stop walking like I was a drunk and falling down I could accept it.

The muscles feel like the day after gym class in shcool you know that burning oh my limbs are so heavy I can not lift them.

The joints in my ankels and hips are feeling stiff and swollen. Yet as yourself MRI, blood testing shows no signs of arthrisits.

Same with what is called siatica pain. Electric pain that shoots down the back for the legs from the butt to the mid calf. It makes the legs so weak and very difficult to stand as the lower back is so stiff and painful.

Shoulder joints that ake and are painful to touch in the joints.

Neck so stiff and makes craking sounds as it turns. Muscle spasm in the mid back and muscle twitching in the face and limbs.

Sigh, oh yes same thing.

Yet nothing can be found that needs to be corrected.

Fustrated? Oh you better believe it. When more than one doctor tells you there is nothing that can be done. When several others say it is a mental problem and your family is tired of hearing you moan and trip about hanging on the cabinets and walls, you do ask if it is insanity.

Let me assure you, it is not insanity and you are not mental.

We have a disorder that at the present time the medical community does not have a clue what to do about it but throw different medications at us to test and see what will help relieve the pain and agony.

Our mental health department helps us deal with the depression and anxiety which is NOT a mental disorder, but a by product of Fibro.

Who would not suffer these things.

We hold our hands with yours. Do not ever give in to believe you are not stable and this is all in your head.

Hugs and love.


02/19/2010 08:51 PM

I feel so bad that we have to go through all this. I too, have terrible pain in my back, hips and legs. Going on even short walks with my dogs are now a distant memory. If I go out, I take the wheel chair, cause I know that I cannot take the pain that an outing will bring. Even if its only for a few hours. I'm sorry that you ladies also have that problem. I have been steadily progressing the last 6 or so yrs. I thought this wasn't supposed to be a progressive disease! Rainydayz, don't let anyone make you think that your problems are not valid!!!! Mehlisue also had some very fine points. I'm glad you came back to post. I think it helps alot.

02/19/2010 09:33 PM
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I have heard fibro is not progressive. Where the researchers came up with this information is beyond me.

I do not have fibro but daughter has.

She is one of the lucky ones (so far) and has been able to maintain a "normal" lifestyle.

However, how long this will continue...I don't know.

Take RA (which I have) for instance. Some people carry on for years with very little change in lifestyle...then one day...BOOM!

Or, as the majority does, the progression is fast.

I am one of the majority that has progressed fast.

Pain, stiffness, flu-like symptoms, over-whelming fatigue...and all that entails. Whole new lifestyle.

I believe Fibro is progressive.

I believe 10 years from now it will be viewed as a disease and not syndrome.

Gentle hugs

02/19/2010 09:55 PM
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My Rheumys all compare it to RA without the inflammation. I have never called it a disease, many do. The more I look online it has been being called a disease rather than a syndrome I was wondering if that is due to the fact that it is considered to be effecting the central nervous system. I don't know? I don't know if calling it a disease has ever been confirmed yet but everyone seems to do it. As for progression, they say it isn't progressive. I think that's crazy too. I do however have other diseases with it that are progressive with similiar symptoms so I can't really tell which is which sometimes. I am sure they will change things with Fibro in the future where it's becoming more common. Just my opinion. Wink

02/19/2010 10:32 PM
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Sweetheart, you aren't crazy. I, too, have difficulty walking at times. Sometimes, it's almost impossible, but other days, it's ok. Just the other day, I felt as if my hips were going to come right out of socket. I was so scared to carry any of the babies I had that day for fear that I would fall right on top of them! All my blood work and tests have come back ok, so far, so don't feel crazy. We all have different symptoms, in different severities, and at different times, so the unpredictability of this disorder is just baffling, I guess. Keep your head up!


02/19/2010 11:45 PM
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I do think that fibro is progressive. I was diagnosed over 10yrs ago. My main complant was pain in both legs. I kept thinking I was just a wouse. Almost all of my jobs in my lifetime have reqired me to stand all day. It was bad 10yrs ago, today I need to use a walker and need assistance for most trips outside. I don't get out much. As of last august I am no longer able to work. Its not just the pain but weakness in my legs.

You are not crazy. your not alone. Sometimes I think of myself as the walking wounded, or the sitting depends on the daySmile

Hang in there.

02/19/2010 11:51 PM
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I suddenly could not work this year, and have severe pain and weakness in arms, legs , feet and back. I am getting tolerant to pain meds, and I my provider left me just as I got really sick. I have a kidney stone, and I have no doctor. I am alone, my two sisters do not visit and I have no caregiver. What can I do? Carla

02/20/2010 07:42 AM
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Awww Rainy,

you are so in the right place and that is so very common with so many fibromightymights....Keep doing everything you need to to get better, the meds, the exercising, and the stress reduction.....

things can we better....promise, they may not get all better, but you van learn to live with controlled pain, or little pain, but the work is hard.....

You need to keep track of what medications work and which dont and be really frank with your doctor....too many people either dont speak up or tell the doc what he wants to hear, be FRANK let him know what works cuz, honey he's not in your body, so he cant say wht your body feels or doesn't....

The interesting thing with fibro is that as soon as you work out how to deal with one set of symptoms you'll get a new set.

It's a real challenge! That's for sure!

hang in there!!!


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