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01/22/2010 08:56 PM

Fibro pain and the TENS unit.

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I have been given a TENS unit for treatment of pain of Fibro and Neuropahtic pain. Has anyone had this experience? I would like to chat about the use and applications you have learned from using it.



01/22/2010 08:58 PM
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Tried it, mainly on SI joint/low back area. Not useful to me then. I do hope it works out better for you though.

01/22/2010 09:24 PM
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Hi Mehlisu,

I have been using a T.E.N.S. unit for a couple of years now. They do take some getting used to for where to place the pads and what intensity to use it at... It is not supposed to hurt, or feel like you are being For myself, I use it for my really bad knees. I place the pads about 2 inches above my knees. I also use it for my hips and back. It won't "fix" anything permanently od course, but it has helped me to get some temporary relief.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the very best luck!!!

(((Gentle Hugs)))

01/23/2010 02:20 AM
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Same here, find the TENS machine is pretty helpful. Particularly good for leg pains as well as for helping me get to sleep as the TENS lessens the pains enough so am able to drift into sleep.My TENS machine has several different settings- vary them up too as this confuses the pain signals also. Always follow the guidelines in the instructions manual carefully.

Temporary relief- agree with Nancy, yet any relief is good Smile!

Mehlisue- A warm welcome to you as have not welcomed you here yet. Good luck with it. Let us know how you progress.

Giant gentle hugs, Love, Clarita Smile xooxooxoox


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