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01/19/2010 08:09 AM

Finding some help


Okay so I'm hoping maybe you guys have some information that might be able to help me out. I was going to join the Teenagers w/ Depression groups but figured I'd check here first since I trust your guys opinions.

So my little sister is 16, will be 17 in a month. She is the sweetest girl in the world and my best friend. She doesn't really have any friends except a few she met through her home schooling (she only gets to talk to them on the internet). She has been homeschooled since she was in like 5th grade.

I know that she is suffering from depression and having trouble sleeping. We took her to the doctor about 2 years ago after she had a massive breakdown after meeting her (horrible) father for the first time ever. She was put on Elavil but didn't like how it made her feel empty and stoned feeling.

I'm desperatly searching for ways to help her. I set up a doctors apointment for tomorrow. We do not have a psychologists in our area so thats not an option.

Our doctor doesn't like to give children anti-depressants so I'm hoping so badly that there is a type out there that is safe for kids her age. I've been looking for some online but its hard without a medication name.

If anyone has any information or has experience with a teenager and anti-depressants please let me know.

I just got home last night and I just made the apointment this morning for her to go in tomorrow. I know this seems last minute but I'm taking this all into my care. I suffered from depression when I was her age and didn't get much help - so I'm trying to take care of this asap.

So if you know of an anti-depressant thats safe for minors please let me know.

Also if you could pass on some thoughts & prayers for my lil sis and that we can find some help. Thank you so very much.

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01/19/2010 08:52 AM
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your sister is lucky to have you to love her she is so in my prayers.

can I ask why she is home schooled?

I know this might sound stupid but interaction or just being outside can she invovlrd with anything out side of home?

it is very hard to put some one so young on depression meds because the side effects can be to much and so young they dont want to say I feel like dying..I think thats why older people do better its just we know better signs of the meds back fiering..

my daughter is very hard to get out and do things but I can tell such a diffrence in her mood when we get her out and about..

does her depression seem worse during diffrent times of the year or months these to need to be conciderd I have a young child with seasonal depression..

also do we have a group for young people? maybe an online group to talk with others like herself..

I wish I could suggest a medd to help but I am not sure when they are so young..

01/19/2010 09:06 AM

Thank you so much Broken.

It doesnt seem like season depression, its more of a constant thing.

The reason why she is homeschooled is because kids were horrible to her. She was a little chunky when she was little so all the girls would try to beat her up and call her names. She absolutely brilliant, which they made fun of her for. Shes very eclectic. Kids were soo mean to her in school - ive never seen such horrible actions & words come out of kids.

I use to walk up to the bus stop to walk her home when she was little. One day I went to get her and saw 5 girls in a circle around her, pushing her and calling her a ugly, fat Bi*ch and even the C word... 5th GRADERS!

She wanted to be homeschooled because she couldn't take it anymore =/

We live in a town that is so small. We don't have anything for kids to do around here. She gets to go stay with my older sister on occasions so she can get out of the house but otherwise (with no form of transportation) we really have no where to go where she can hangout. Not to mention we don't like her leaving the house by herself since we have 2 petafiles that live on our street.

I believe a lot of the issues are because she doesn't have anyone her age to hangout with. A friend of mine is building a little hip restuarant and a gym up town - so im hoping once they get finished being built I can take her up there.

I'm scared about all the side effects of antidepressants with minors - I just am so confused on what to do. I really just wish there was a psycologist or w/e in our area. =/

01/19/2010 09:17 AM

Ohh also:

I think I'll give her the site incase she ever wants to join the teenagers group - thats a good idea!

Does anyone know if maybe supplements are safe for children? Maybe I can talk to the doctor about some safe forms of vitamins or supplements to help with her anxiety, depression or insomnia.

01/19/2010 09:23 AM
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Hi Elli,

I'm keeping you and your little sister in my thoughts and prayers. Talking to your doctor is the safest bet. If your doctor won't help her, is it possible for her to find another doctor who will? I hope and pray that she gets the help she needs, and I think she is very blessed to have you looking out for her best interest!

Please keep us posted and let us know how your sister is doing.

(((Gentle Hugs to you both)))

01/19/2010 09:56 AM
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corvusgurl86, I truly feel your pain, frustration and the deepest sorrow. I wish I could give a suggestion on meds, unfortunately don't have any that I would recommend. Trust her Doc see what he says, if that doesn't work, try a counselor, or your local minister or priest. I will send prayers to the Great Spirit to watch over her and you that yu may find a way to help thru the darkness.

01/19/2010 11:07 AM
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Oh hon, I'm so sorry. Kids can be so mean, it breaks my heart. I'm so thankful she has you in her corner. What a wonderful sister you are, the Lord will watch over you both of you. I'm going to keep you both in my prayers.

I can't answer your questions but I'm sure the doctor will be able to help guide you in the right direction. Keep up the good work, you should be proud of yourself Smile

01/19/2010 12:47 PM
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Elli I'm so sorry about your sister. Depression is so hard to treat in teenagers because of the risk of suicide in the first month or so. It's going to be hard to find one.

Does she hang out on the internet? She sounds entirely too isolated, especially at a time in her life when she should be having fun and being carefree.

You're a good big sister. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.


01/19/2010 01:59 PM

I think the fact that she doesn't have any friends around here nor a place to actually meet friends is the main problem. The reason she doesn't go back to public school though is because the education system at the school is horrible. 10th graders learning stuff that is normally taught in 6th grade.

I'm just stressed because I wish I could fix all these problems. Jae and I are going to set up like monthly outings where we can take her out places.

Thank you all soo much for the support, hugs, thoughts & prayers.

I'm going to talk to the doctor about ways to get help, making anti-depressants a sort of last resort.


01/19/2010 02:35 PM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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Hey, sweetness! I'm sorry your sister is having so many problems. I can totally relate to her. Except I solved my problems by becoming the class clown Wink That didn't change the depression, though, and it didn't help to have an abusive mother.

I think just the fact that you care so much about her and are trying to help her so much is going to go a long way.

Anti-depressants can be very awful things. Because it can take so long to tell if they work, you may have to try a number of them, and they can have nasty side effects. And I am not anti- anti depressants! LOL! I was on them when I was your sister's age, too, and they helped.

However, there are several supplements that can help if the doctor doesn't want to put her on anything. 5htp, sam.e and theanine would be my number one choices. and the 5htp can even help with weight issues to a small degree.

If the doctor does put her on something, though, don't get her the 5htp unless you talk to him about it first. Because it increases seratonin (basically what anti-depressants do) and if you have too much seratonin it can cause a dangerous condition. Also, the bottle recommends 200mg a day, but when I took that dose I didn't think it did much. Then I read about people taking 4-600 mg. So I started taking 400mg and I really like it. I think it works great.

You can also take St. John's wort and Valerian or Kava. But to be perfectly honest, those can give you the farts! LOL!

I hope you'll let us know how it goes tomorrow!


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