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06/16/2008 04:18 PM

Caffeine and Alcohol

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Does caffeine and alcohol make fibro worse? I had to cut down to one small cup of coffee because I swear I feel worse after I drink caffeine. And I love my coffee especially becase I feel tired so often. I also notice that if I even have one beer it makes things worse. This never happened to me before and now I am notcing these changes.

06/16/2008 04:32 PM
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I feel better after both. But a lot of people that I've talked to who have CFS said it makes them worse.

06/16/2008 05:31 PM

I feel better after my cup of coffee in the morning. And then i usually have about 1/2 bottle of Diet Coke at lunch. After that all non caff. drinks. I am trying to drink more water. It is not going well, cause I dont like water... I know I know it has no taste. But I dont like it. LOL

06/16/2008 06:25 PM
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mamanordy, I agree with you about the water, I think it does taste funny. I drink coffee, and don't notice any efect it has on me, maybe that's what keeps me from going to sleep at school.Whistling Grin

06/16/2008 06:39 PM

Thank you! I have found someone else who thinks water tastes funny! Hoorah!!

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