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06/15/2008 02:03 AM

Anybody have some ideas here?

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As you all may know, I was trying to unsuccessfully taper my dose of oxycontin TEMPORARILY so I wouldn't be so physically dependent on it (falling asleep all day, waking up on queue to take it at night.) I got some suboxone from a friend. Enough to taper me off right now but not an ongoing thing. Problem is, it works as an alternate for the oxy's so I need both. BIGGER problem is, they don't prescribe both to a person at once in NJ at least because suboxone is supposed to be only for detox (permanent) from oxy. I'm afraid if I actually see a Dr., even on a cash basis for the suboxone that the stupid Rheumi will find out (the one who likes to throw around the "your addicted" cr*p) and stop giving me the oxy's completely then I'll be in bad shape. Medical confidentiality around here is like a joke to these Dr.'s and I'm afraid it wouldn't be long before the Dr.'s took me off everything. One because I wouldn't stop the other. Also, my rheumi does urine tests randomly. Does anyone know how long suboxone stays in the urine because if he catches me that's it. I don't like having to sneak around like this, but I can't find Dr.'s that understand and the suboxone seems to be a good counter to the oxy when I need it, and it does help with the pain. How can I safely get both without risking losing both.

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