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10/30/2010 02:15 PM

Weight gain and Flare Ups(page 2)


Let me know, just start off slow and do a little then increase little by little good luck!! Smile

11/02/2010 06:08 AM
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The only thing I have found that works for me is riding an exercise bike. I can't walk more than a couple minutes or do much upper body anything because of my back. but I can ride my bike. Just 5 minutes a couple times a week.


11/02/2010 06:52 AM

Good for you, JenRo. Keep up the good work. Every little bit helps.


11/02/2010 07:42 AM

I am with you Connie, every little bit does help. Smile

08/30/2011 09:04 PM
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I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and everyday is a bad day....some days I can overlook the pain and do some housework, but most days, I am in too much pain. I have gained 100lbs since I have been in this pain. I want to get rid of this extra person that I am carrying around b/c I am sure that it makes my pain worse.

04/18/2012 12:56 PM
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The brains of fibromyalgia patients show structural and behavioral differences from those of healthy individuals, but it is unclear whether the brain anomalies cause fibromyalgia symptoms or are the product of an unknown underlying common cause. Some research suggests that these brain anomalies may be the result of childhood stress, or prolonged or severe stress.

04/18/2012 01:07 PM

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05/09/2012 09:40 AM
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I feel for you. The spells are terrible. I know just how you feel. Forcing myself to work every morning is all I have in me some days.

05/09/2012 09:42 AM
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I also have gained weight and am very upset by the "it's in your head" "your not in pain, you think your in pain" theory.

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