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05/28/2009 05:59 PM

Pain in Rib cage and back

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I saw a story in this group about a women who had

pain in rib cage especially on her back.

I've suffered with Fibromyolgia for over twenty five

years, and my pain is definately changing from trigger

points to horrible pain in rib cage front and back

after sleeping and before. The story I saw in your

group was the first time I've had any confirmation that

it's not in my head there is someone else that is

experiencing this too. My doctor ignores me I have

had x/rays that show arthritis(sp) in my back. But

I definately was diagnosed with Fibromyolgia by a specialist. I've started taking more pain killers

which help me sleep, but the pain in the morning is

unbelievable. I keep most of my experiences to myself

because most people don't believe the pain is that bad

and my doctor has no clue what to do and acts like

I'm a hypochondriac.

Pam It gives me hope to know someone understands

where is the story, I can't seem to pull it up.

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06/01/2009 03:19 PM
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I'm new here too, so I'm not sure where the article is. I will try to help you find it though.

I do that the type of pain you mention is fairly common in fibro, and some people have additonal diagnosis' as well.

One thing I've recently started is the Lyrica. So far, it does seem to help some with all the pains of Fibro. I continue to have extreme back pain which they say isn't from the bulged disc that I have.

I'm trying to find a more supportive doctor, and if you are in a position too, I think you should do the same.

You can do a search in google for symptoms and Fibro and find a lot of information. I was also told the arthritis in my back can be another problem called

Anklosying Spondilitis that is related to Fibro too. You might read up on it and see if it fits your symptoms.

Gentle hugs, I hope you find some answers soon!!

ETA~ I found an article written by Starr Info. about Fibromyalgia....look at #4 I believe some of that can be to blame for the back and rib cage area pain.

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06/05/2009 06:48 PM
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Doxygirl... I'm so glad you posted this. I've been experiencing pain in my rib cage as well and am having lower back pain too.

Mornings are the worst. I find laying flat to be most of my problem as I sleep much better in my recliner in the frontroom than I do stretched out in bed.

Have you ever tried to sleep in a different position, or in a different bed?

I don't really like to sleep in the recliner but on bad days, it seems to be the only thing that helps.

My dr is not exactly exercising his brain on my problems either. I expect it's because he doesn't have it. If he did, he'd be going all out to ease it no matter what.


06/06/2009 07:18 PM
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Smile Hello, thank you for writing. Believe it or not, I've just had some amazing positive results from

accupuncture. When I wrote last I was in pain most of

the day and having terrible rib cage pain. My birthday

was June first and I received an offer for a free accupuncture session from my old Chiropractor. Not being able to afford it I've never tried accupuncture for Fibromyolgia. It may not be connected, but my pain

is much, much better. I still have major problems sleeping, but the pain is honestly better. I tried getting a memory foam mattress, thought it would cure

my rib cage pain, no such luck.

So sorry you are having so much trouble getting comfortable in bed. Have you tried a heating pad, I'm susure you have, but before the pain started getting

better, I slept on a heating pad every night. I still

use one.

I'll keep you posted, but to give you more information

on accupuncture, the Dr. gave me a steel bar to hold

that was connected to the computer. Dr. checked my

whole body with touching points in my body that showed

problems. Another doctor came in, keep in mind we didn't even discuss where my pain was, second Dr. started putting accupucture needles where computer detected problems. It was amazing, those places were

exactly where my pain was worst and I hadn't even discussed it. I laid on the table for about 15 to 20

minutes. After getting home I felt my muscles relaxing

but I had some pain. I thought, of course this isn't

going to work. well that night I had very little

pain. Next night the same. It's been three days and

I've had a little pain in my shoulder and can't get

to sleep right away but very little pain. The weather

hasn't gotten any better, rainy days are usually my

worst days.

Just wanted to give you some hope, maybe you've tried

accupuncture and maybe this won't last, but I'm going

to try very hard to save my money so I can go again.

I'd like to keep in touch, very few people have had

this experience in rib cage area and I'm very interested in trying to get help for you and me too.

Take care, Pam

06/06/2009 09:19 PM
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hi doxiegirl. i'm so happy to hear that treatment hellped and that the pain is better for you! thank you for sharing that information i will have to look into pricing for that for myself. and by the way happy belated birthday honey!

06/06/2009 09:20 PM
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let's have some birthday cake for doxiegirl!

06/07/2009 12:45 AM
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Happy Belated Birthday Doxie! I'm glad you're feeling better especially on your birthday! What a nice Bday present!

Happy Birthday Hug,


06/07/2009 09:48 AM
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Thanks for the advice, Doxiegirl... I'm not at all sure that acupuncture is for me. I have this terrific fear of needles... (gulp).

Very anemic as a kid and got lots of needles... I know I'm a grownup now (at least, should be at this age) but the kid in me still has a great aversion to people sticking things into me. However, if it really works for you, it could work for me too, and I'm thinking I might be willing to face the devil in his doom to do somehting about it.

Take care.... oh, and like everyone else here... I wish you a happy belated birthday!


06/07/2009 02:03 PM
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This is such a great site, thank you for the birthday

greeting. I remember when I was 39 thinking gosh I'm

old, I just turned 59 and I'm glad to be alive and pray

every day for a cure for Fibro. We all know what it feels like when your 80 or 90


06/07/2009 02:05 PM
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Thank you for responding, I ache today, but atleast it

isn't that horrible #10 pain in my shoulders.


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