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05/07/2012 09:17 AM

Yep it's Monday allright!

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Ok we made it to a new week! Let's celebrate!!!!W00t Silly Laughing Sideways Tongue

I'm very busy right now, sitting in my office chair with my wonderful moist heating cape doing its magic on my back, whilst I have been doing research and posting on a different sg. I got that done, and now it's fun time visiting here with my sister warriors. Cool Yeah, cool cats... that's us.

Only think on my agenda today are catching up on laundry and pulling the dried up wild sweetpea stalks off the front fence corner, after spending the weekend dividing my time between yard work and then recuping with my heating pad. Sick

Now for a break and cribbage with my Honey Bear. Kissing

See ya later gators! Silly oxoxoxoxox


05/07/2012 11:00 AM
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You are too funny!! We did make it to a new week. And I made it through my first 4 hours of work... yay!! 1 & 1/2 to go...

Hope everyone is having a great day!!


p.s. sounds like you are having a fun day karen!

05/07/2012 12:36 PM
missymePosts: 2169
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we are just a bunch of wild and crazy gals!

great day at preschool. started making mother's day stuff. the kids are soooo excited! also played with playdo and the wheat table. never a dull moment in my class!!!

just got back from getting my botox shots in my shoulders. i will have the youngest looking shoulders in the world!!!!!!!!!

sounds like you're having fun too karen! i didn't know that sweetpea was actually a plant ~ just thought it was something we call each other!!! seriously. now i know. that's why i need you to hang around my dear friend karen ~ to set me straight on these things. what would i do without you my buddy 'ol pal?!!!

i had to smile at your routine. work, apply heat, work, apply heat. sounds so familiar. hmmmmmmm.............must be because i do the exact same thing! at least we still have something in between the "apply heat".

gratia ~ glad you're able to work that long. i'm amazed at how quickly you got back into the routine. just don't push it my dear.

hope everyone has a wonderful beautiful low pain kind of day.

hugs and love to all................

05/07/2012 08:01 PM
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Went to work, dreading all day the Gyn-Pap test appt I would have. Got there, hey, it's NEXT Monday, oh, yes, it is Monday all right...

05/07/2012 08:47 PM
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Hey Gals~

Watching the news, getting ready to babysit( with a lot of help from Grandpa) Lindsey tomorrow. She was scared to death of her Uncle Tom and Aunt Christina from NJ, soon to be from Hong Kong. They saw her the year she was born in October and they saw her at Thanksgiving. They were amazed at how big she was. Aunt Christina is very soft spoken, so she warmed up to her sooner than she did with her Uncle Tom. Actually all Uncle Tom got was a high five and a quick hug, but Aunt Christina got a great big hug, and a kiss. We have no idea when or if we will every see Uncle Tom and Aunt Christina again, so our visit was the best!!

Tom and Christina got some great pictures taken by the boy's friend since the day they were born, after our camera died. Christin is going to e-mail me and Lisa the pictures. It looks like they turned out awesome, so I can't wait to get it. The mover is coming for the rest of their things on Thursday, so she has to get them to us before then. They are also purchasing a Detroit Tiger tickets right behind or just passed it for our fortieth Anniversary. I am geeked about that too. I sure will miss the kids though, don't know if we can save enough money to visit them. I would love to do that, but it's a lot of money just to get there and I am sure that things are not inexpensive there, because if I went, I would want to sight see as much as I possibly could, if they have wheelchairs there (I'm sure they must), but our kids don't cook, Bloomberg offers food (healthy) for their employees to take home for dinner, and they pack sandwhiches or salads for lunch. I'm not sure I would like the food they have there. I am not into seafood, and I imagine they have an abundance of it there. I'll have to check it out with the kids, after they find a house and find out where they will be living. They will be in corporate housing until they find a home that suits them.

Well, I have already probably written a book, so off to bed and early to rise for my baby girl Lindsey for the day. If it does not rain, we are going to take her to the park, and I hope that we can do a bunch of fun things with her. I'd like to take her shopping and find a tea set. I've got special tea sets for when she gets older for her to use here with her sister and Grandma. Well, I guess that we will see what the weather brings.

Much love and hugs~


05/08/2012 06:56 AM
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Laughing Sounds like Ushie is the only one with a "Monday kind of Monday"! LOL, ok Ushie, it's Tuesday, the 8th of May. ***grinning***

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