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03/10/2011 02:22 PM

wake up w/ bruises?


Do any of you wake up with bruises? Mine show up, particularly, on my legs and upper thighs. Sometimes they are small, sometimes bigger than a half dollar. Sometimes they are dark purple, sometimes greenish.

Questions, questions... (googly eyes) lol :O


03/10/2011 09:35 PM

I don't wake up with new bruises myself but I do know that I bruise very easily. And I am sure my clutziness doesn't help. Tongue

03/11/2011 01:52 AM
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Same here- bruise very easily. Sometimes do not remember how hit self then look at a bruise then wonder where it came from. Am very clumsy!!

Permanently covered in bruises.

Clutzy bat girl Wink!

Kookey- adore your name especially as am kooky myself WinkSmile!

Gentle hugs, love Clarita( bat girl holding on extra tight right now yet still smiling)

03/11/2011 04:37 PM
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I, too bruise at the drop of a hat & have no clue what I did/leaned into/hit. When I take a bath, I'll see massive purple shapes on my thighs, hips & butt. I'm thinking, my butt??? How can I get bruised there as it's sat on so much! Tongue

Kooky-when I first saw your name, I smiled as I have a 2nd or 3rd cousin (I come from an Italian family on mom's side) & have a Cousin Konky (her name is Catherine). I have such great memories of being at my Gramma's as a kid & seeing her a lot!



03/11/2011 06:24 PM

Happy Friday! My Grandma named me Cookie when I was about 2 years old. Then, smart me, lol when I was in about 7th grade I changed the spelling...silly girlll! Being genuine is what I thought I was doing. Lolol fun days of a teenager! the great thing is that everybody always says that's not Cookie, that's koooookyy! Lol and that I am, very very silly! Lately, not so kooky tho, flaring up soooooooo bad! Geez!

Lol I will survive!

03/11/2011 06:25 PM

Oh yeah, the bruises lol I get them on my bum bum too! I just don't like the fact that it leaves scars sometimes. Its almost as though it doesn't really heal, ya know?

03/12/2011 07:01 PM
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I am constantly finding bruises and I have no idea how they got there! I always have to reassure my Mom it's not my hubby giving them to me!! LOL

03/12/2011 09:00 PM

Lol I hope youre having a great weekend. I feel so weird sometimes. I feel like I can lift others, but myself...fuhget about it. I think it may be the new diagnosis and depression kicking my bleep...done complaining. .

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