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08/13/2010 06:20 PM

dare i say?


the neurontin has done an almost unbelievable job lowering my pain level. almost too good to be true!

today added the baclofen and am almost comfortable in my body - if you know what i mean! i always just feel uncomfortable now matter what position i'm in.

after the second dose of baclofen today, starting feeling just a tad bit epoxy! keep transposing letters and making goofy mistakes as i type now! it's taking me an extremely long to post anything since my ocd-like-self has to go back and correct typos!

can this really be happening? will i actually have (dare i say?) some pain free days?

we shall see!!!


08/13/2010 07:02 PM

I'm so glad its working so well!! YEY for Gail. Maybe Bobbies remission is visiting you now?! I pray that is the case. Those ladies don't come here, so "epoxy" may not make sense to people here, LOL!! They stay at the main fibro group, since they are ALL GL's!!LOL

I'm so very happy for you feeling better!! Remember-DON'T OVER DO IT!! LOL

08/13/2010 10:34 PM
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Hi Girls,

I can never join in on medicine threads. In S.A most of the names are different.

Bittersweetlife - I have been up all night - again - SOOOO BORING!!!!! Of course Ribbet is comotose and confused - - what does GL stand for?



08/14/2010 11:21 AM


yeah, i forgot to change "epoxy". i had posted this on the main board and then pasted in here. got more responses here though - go figure, thought i would get at least a few yays!?

and you know what? i did overdo it but I AM NOT PAYING FOR IT!!! i am still in disbelief - it is just too good to be true and i'm waiting for the sky to fall!


GL stands for group leader.

hugs to all in this little family,


08/14/2010 12:01 PM
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Hi Gail,

Yes, it is possible to have pain free days. It's such a strange feeling, isn't it? You just want to stand there and enjoy every moment. And wish it could last forever. Smile

08/16/2010 02:33 AM
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Gail, I am soooo glad the meds are working for you. YAY!

OF COURSE GL means group leader! OF COURSE I knew that! Oy Vay - - today I had to sign something and forgot how to spell my surname. HELP - - I think the last gray cell is on its way out.



08/16/2010 08:04 PM
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Gail, I'm thrilled that your combo seems to be working so well! Isn't it a precious feeling when you start to feel comfortable in your own body again, instead of feeling like it's a complete stranger! So happy for you!

08/17/2010 08:54 AM

stella, yes i do wish it would last forever! here's hopin'!!!

faerie and naddya, thanks for the cheers! and faerie, grab ahold of that last gray cell and hang on for dear life!

gentle hugs to all!

08/18/2010 07:26 PM

GAIL: Are you still feeling good? I keep thinking about you!! I hope you feel GREAT!!

Sorry the other group didn't respond well to your discussion. I've had that happen there also. I don't know why it is that way there. Oh well, we're here though. This is a great group too. And Naddya is a GL here. I think she is GREAT!!!

08/18/2010 07:42 PM

oh bittersweet, that is so nice of you to think of me! and yes i am still feeling good!!!

of course "good" in fibroworld is different that "good" in that other world. as a fibromite i am just thrilled to death that my pain level is down so low even with more activity. i still definitely have limits and am relearning what those are - i just recovered from a pay-the-piper-day but it was worth the price!

and yes, this is a great group and naddya is a great group leader! YAY for our little family!

hope your pains are low and that you're having a wonderful evening.

gentle hugs,



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