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02/26/2012 11:44 AM


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I just wanted to say hello. I am new to the site and the group. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years back and finally my primary doctor is sending me to a rheumatologist, she thinks I have more going on then just the fibro since I am constantly in her office thinking I am in a flare up or in more pain then usual and the pain has moved to different locations of my body The meds my primary doctor has me on for the fibro are topamax 150 mg 2x a day, zanaflex, estradiol, prilosec and 2 of the lowest dosage of hydrocodones daily while the weather is cold then she will be putting me back on one a day.

In the meantime, I do go to a psychologist for my depression, anxiety and adhd. So the meds there are taken care of on that aspect. I take mirtazapine for the depression, low dosages of clonazepam 2 times a day although I can take it up to 3 times a day, risperidone (which is like abilify), cymbaltala 60mg, and methylphenid tabs.

I swear I feel like a walking pharmacy!! I am not sure what the rheumy will be looking for but I know it is a big step for my doctor to finally give me a referral. From all the reading I have been doing I hope they check my thyroid for the low thyroidism and everything else. Thanks for reading and allowing me in your group.


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02/26/2012 12:26 PM
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Dear, 'cscwem',

Hello !, and welocome to MDJunction, and to the 'Fibro' and 'Chronic Fatigue Group'.

My name is 'Zahc', and I must tell you that joinng MDJunction, and a number od illness-appropriate groups, was one of the best things I have ever decided to do.

Here, you will meet caring, and supportive members, discusion threads, ( PM's...private messages ), 'Hugs, and Salutes', that sort of thing.

Never should you feel as if you have to be alone; once you have signed up to different groups--at least on my computer--you will be notified whenever a group thread is begun, so you can join it, contributing your thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc.

I have found much comfort in this, and there is also a diary entry feature, wherein you can say whatever you like, ( personal attacks; religious affiliations; and/or politics, basically a no-no ).

I would first urge you to look at my profile,in which I list almost all of my 'conditions', and perhaps have a glance or two at some of my diary entries, as they have become so important to me, and I always welcome a 'new' reader.

Since joining MDJ, I have met caring individuals who KNOW how you feel, and in time, you will make friends who I found to be more supportive than many of my 'real time' friends.

For example ( and please know that I am not a professional of any kind, and my opinions are my own ), I--too--was diagnosed with RA, but refused to take his presciption of Plaquinal, as it involved reguloar, field vision tests, as one of the drug's major side-effects is potential blindness, too serious for me to consider ); and while it may have helped, the risk--for me--was just too much.

In fact, I had to discontinue taking Lyrica ( for Fibromyalgia ) as it contributed to the Diabetic, Type II, neuopathetic edema in my calves and feet.

I take several psychotropics for panic, and anxiety, and depression with agoraphobia; and am on opiate medication for the almost constant pain I have, plus my frequent 'flare-ups', and migraines that render me very much less than useless.

I live alone, with my dear dog Daisy ( 'the-best-dog-on-the-planet' ), who is now 14 yrs, old. I am 58. At my 'profile' page, you will get to see her !

Whenever you happen to see a group you think appropriate, click on 'join group'.

I firmly believe, 'cscwem', that--here--you will find the encouragement, the hope,the strength and the concern from individuals who suffer as you do, and can fully understand your pain, and difficulties in daily living. And NEVER will you be judged, or found fault with.

Welcome aboard, 'cscwem' ! Should you care to, please feel free to 'PM' me, to let me know how you are doing.

Meanwhile, if I may, please allow me to wish for you a most pleasant and wonderful day, with lessened, or 'no pains'; and evening of quiet contemplation. And for a night of restorative, and, blissful rest !

Please do take care !

'Zahc' Smile

02/26/2012 12:59 PM
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Thank you so much for the warm welcome.


02/27/2012 05:21 PM
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Actually your gp referring you is a good thing. While you're taking a lot of meds that are prescribed for fibro, there still may be better choices that your rheumatologist can help you find.

I take a lot of meds also, some for fibro and others for bipolar 2, which for me is mainly depression. I haven't found a magic elixer and I think that's why most of us are here. Some meds help, some don't --it's different for each individual. Which means trial and more trial.

The group here is warm and friendly. There are many that are very knowledgable about meds and natural remedies. This is a place of comfort to myself and other members. It really does help to be able to share what's going on in your life, what's bugging you, questions about meds, etc. Since I have been here I have never read anyone who wasn't welcoming and empathetic. Sometimes we get on here and we just need someone to listen bc a family member or friend doesn't understand what fibro does to us. Sometimes we just want to talk bc we're having a horrible pain day or can't function bc of fatigue.

So welcome, I'm glad you found your way here and I hope you enjoy meeting the other members.


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