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03/13/2012 06:59 PM

NAFLD heritability?

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Hi, I'm new here.

My mom was diagnosed with cirrhosis last month and the docs think it's from years of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. She's never drank. She's managing it as best we can, but it's overwhelming. Her doc took labs to rule out any of the weird genetic cirrhosis causes so that I "wouldn't worry".

Well I'm still a little concerned because after a quick google it looks like NAFLD and NASH may be inherited. I'm not a 100% non-drinker like dear old mom, I enjoy a few drinks to cut down a harsh day. This is kinda making me scared though that I'm going to end up down this road as well. Anyone know if NAFLD is for sure inherited, I mean, should I quit drinking entirely or can I still have a cocktail after work occasionally?

I don't wanna be selfish in this time, but I also know it's too late to do anything about her liver but mine is still salvageable.

...Actually she also had some enormous gallstones for years so I'm not sure if the bile blockage caused the cirrhosis and there is no NASH or if the cirrhosis was already there and caused the gallstones.


03/13/2012 08:18 PM
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I responded to your question in the cirrhosis group

For the others I will post it here

"they do believe there is a tendency for Fatty Liver to run in families. However they are still doing research.

I can only tell you if I had the opportunity to change what has happened to me I would.

No one can tell if you will develop Liver disease in the future. Or Why one person that drinks develops it when others don't.

But stopping drinking is never a bad thing. Living Healthy is the main thing we strive for everyday"

As for the gallstones Bile blockage can occur with cirrhosis however it is usually when the disease is much more advanced.Or when it is caused by PBC.

There is a saying among Drs that the 3 test for Gallbladder disease is (Fat , Forty and female)

Sadly this is often true. Gallbladder disease is so prevalent in our society because of the high fat diets we eat.In fact as our children are catching up now having many of the same diseases as we do, Diabetes , gallbladder disease & Fatty liver are rising dramatically among children.

Fatty Liver and NASH cause cirrhosis in people that have never had Gallbladder disease. If she had a biopsy it would have shown the cause of her Cirrhosis. fatty Liver , NASH problems with Bile and other inherited diseases look different on biopsy.

I hope this helps


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