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09/13/2011 11:15 AM

Liver Pain

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I have a constant dull ache in my right side below my ribcage that radiates almost to my back. Can fatty liver cause pain? Had 3 labs all enzymes and platlets normal.

09/17/2011 06:00 AM
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Fatty Liver can cause inflammation which can cause pain.

The liver itself has no pain nerves But the lining had plenty. There is very little room and any inflammation cause everything to press together.

09/19/2011 03:23 PM
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My labs are normal as well and they were when I was diagnosed. It's most likely fatty liver. Ultrasound confirmed my fatty liver. A lifestyle change was in order. Eating better has helped...I recently discovered that fatty liver can be reversed with a very low carb diet. Interestingly enough, I've also met two people who have found success by eating a low carb, high saturated fat diet....I know, I was very surprised to hear that too.

I'm reluctant to try it because I've been managing my fatty liver okay and the pain is less frequent and has even started to change. My GI tells me that as the liver resizes, I'd feel some kind of discomfort that's different from the burning upper abdominal pain I was used to feeling.

The science behind the high saturated fat diet is supposedly solid. Something about the liver releasing more bile to breakdown the saturated fats and that much of the fat in the affected liver would be released with the bile or as the bile. I haven't gone through the science but I have an idea of what he's trying to say. If I can find the link, to the conversation, I'll post it. This guy swears by it though. He said it takes only six weeks to improve your fatty liver.

There's also a study that shows that a low carb diet is more effective than a low fat diet..although the study says that losing weight is the biggest factor in improving fatty liver. I'll post that link to if you want it. Just PM me.

I also did a colon cleanse that included a liver cleanse. Can't say for sure if the liver cleanse is what helped my liver because there's no real proof but I do know that I feel more energetic and haven't experienced any indigestion or heartburn since the ten day cleanse. Read about it

Hope this helps. It's been awhile since I've been here but I'll stop by more often to help Gail out because she puts soooo much time into helping others.

03/07/2012 06:38 AM
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Hmmm... Curious. Hey, just signed up today and this is the second thread I'm posting too.

I was reading the part about high sat. fats. I avoid greasy foods as much as possible...though pizza is a failing for me *coughs* But I eat a lot of veggies, chicken, pork, some beef, and I hardly eat rice and noodles. Now, being unemployed, I'm stuck with $200 a month in food stamps, so buying healthy foods is difficult. But here's what caught my attention. I no longer have my gall bladder and usually, well, when I eat something's like the flood gates are wide open. It amazes me sometimes how fluorescent bile can me. When my body does this, it does feel uncomfortable (and it can cause crapping...omg...) but I noticed that my body seems to feel better afterward once the pain dies off. I wonder if there is a connection there given my avoiding white rice, noodles and bread), the lack of a gall bladder and how much bile can passes through.

Just a curious thought.

Also, I've done the epsom salt and water/olive oil and grape fruit flush for my gall bladder... I hated ever single moment, I felt completely starved and like total crap afterwards... So I'm hesitant about detox's. Any suggestions for a more pleasant detox?

Man I wish I could buy all that stuff with food stamps... *mumbles and hits submit*

03/08/2012 04:02 PM
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LadySythe ,

first you don't have to spend a lot of money to eat healthier. Frozen food is as healthy as fresh usually and if you watch your brands doesn't cost more than canned. The bag of beans I buy cost about a dollar but I get 2 to 3 servings from it, instead of buying 2 of 3 cans.

Take a meal and change it around a bit. If you're cooking eggs for every one , use a spray instead of oil or butter. If you can't afford it use a paper towel and wipe the pan with the oil. Little things do make a difference.

I can't afford to buy special food either, You can do it with regular foods.

The gallblader symptoms you describe are common.

The gallbladder store bile to help break down foods especially fats. Once it's removed the bile is dumped into the intestines this causes the cramping and diarrhea. Limiting fatty food helps control this as does time for your body to adjust. (which took me about 2 years)There is a med that helps some people called "questran"

Please stop the detox. Especially with epson salt it can cause diarrhea also.and there are dangers of renal problems. Most liver patients should avoid high sodium as there is a problem with fluid retention and high blood pressure especially portal hypertension. Liver specialist especially transplant centers forbid this practice.

03/16/2012 02:18 AM
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Hi and thank you for the reply - and sorry cflamstaff for the thread jack lol

I really do try to eat healthy but it is NOT at all easy when I live with my father who is a junk food junky. Though, since I've been living with him he's been eating much healthier... But the junk food he buys - fast food, etc, doesn't help at all. And I've my own failings... But due to my finances, it's only once a month and the remainder of the month it's healthier...till we starve when we start running out of food *sighs*

Anyhow, I have a plan (once moving day commences), I'm just playing a waiting game. I can't make my father change, but I can make a difference to my fiance who was born with heart issues and is also over weight (he almost died of heart failure if it hadn't been for a gastric bypass). But we're both going down a bad path and I want us to change and do it together. It isn't easy doing all this by myself and I have utterly no motivation. Anyhow, more on that in the near future and in another thread Wink

As for the flush, I did it twice about 10 years ago. But that happened back before I knew I had fatty liver. I don't wanna do it again *cringes* AND I don't eat a lot of salt but enough to avoid Crones disease (which my mother's mother has). BUT I'd like to find something that would be safe for me to do that would help clear out my system of toxins, etc. I just don't know what to do since I keep finding aaaalll sorts of suggestions all over the internet and it's confusing.

Uh...on a side note, I love orange juice. But when I drink a lot of really makes my liver unhappy and start to inflame. What, do you think, could be the cause of that?

Thanks again for the reply!


03/16/2012 07:22 AM
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I think the OJ has more to do with not having a Gallbladder than Liver Disease itself.

Anything that causes irritation will make the Liver (unhappy) OJ although healthy is full of acid (all citrus does)which can irritate the inflammation you already have.

Also it's very common for Liver Patients to have a increase problem with other GI disorders which OJ can also irritate.

Most of the time you should avoid internet solutions unless you have cleared them with your Dr. A MD or Hepatologist.

People believe that drs don't want you to use holistic meds because they make more money if you use regular meds.

The truth is Most drs want what is best for you.They're people too. You'll find good and bad in all walks of life.

The supplement industry is a multi billion dollar industry. Making more clear profit than most pharmaceutical companies. In the US , Pharmaceutical companies have to spend the money to prove safety and effectiveness. (Supplement do not)and are legally liable for any harm they cause. (try finding someone in a supplement company to sue.)

Regulation is a good thing when it comes to what we put in our bodies. It may not be perfect (because meds often don't show certain side effects at first) But at least when problems do arise there is someone that can force warnings or removal of a product.

One of the main issues with supplements is the fact that they don't always put the truth on the labels. Many have been found to contain steroids Not on the label(which can make symptoms appear better.)

Because of this Liver patients need to be especially careful. This is the truth of why Drs don't approve of most supplements.

There is one thing I know for certain If there was ANY supplement or treatment or cleanse that would save our livers One of the Pharmaceutical companies would have filed a patent for it by now. You can count on it.

The best way to Clean your system is very basic. and cost very little. Water , Natural fiber. exercise and rest. there is no proof that we build up toxins. Unless you have advanced liver disease (or other advanced disease) and can non longer process your foods, meds and alcohol. This usually happens when you have advanced Cirrhosis and a few other serious diseases.

Americans have probably the worse diet of any country. Hopefully as you get to eat better you will see the difference.

Ok i'll get off my soap box. Sorry about that, Please talk with your dr before doing anything new.


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