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01/10/2009 09:03 AM

Essential Tremor, is that really what's wrong?

burchev1Posts: 1
New Member

I was admitted into the hospital for vertigo, fainting,tremors and migraine. They did an MRI & Catscan and seemed to find things wrong and treated me for vasculitis and said I may have ms. I went to a neurologist yesterday and he said I only have essential tremors. Does anyone else experience the severe head pain and vertigo feelings? My whole body shakes non-stop and I'm tired of it. He gave me inderal twice a day for a week and then 3 times a day. I don't understand how the other symptoms would be related....if I could just have someone that understands. Sad

01/10/2009 04:16 PM

Welcome to the group. My name is Shannon.

I have had my tremor since I was very little. It mainly affects my hands and head, which I can control fairly well with inderal (propranolol - generic).

Is this your first visit with a neurologist? If not, how long have you been doctoring one and do you feel comfortable with him/her.

The inderal should help with your migranes, since it is sometimes prescribed for that.

Vertigo is something I don't experience often, but have had. I have also been hospitalized for it in the past. The migranes went along with it when I would raise my head off of the pillow. Faintness was also experienced when I stood - my blood pressure would drop. Since the doctors didn't look further into it, I guess I never really thought about the possiblity of essential tremor having a connection. I'll be looking forward to what others in the group report back with.

Again, welcome to the group and thanks for posting!!

01/25/2009 12:14 PM
Posts: 50

Welcome Burchev1,

I have migraines.My neurologist put me on Topamax for them. It doesn't work to good. Cause he has me taking 2 at night. So i take Excedrin. My said it was the best otc.My whole body shakes too. Thank god for a loving hubby. Im always getting stuck somewhere Smile . But i have ET and Fibromyalgia.Never had the vertigo.You can rant and rave and stomp your feet here. We don't mind Wink

02/04/2009 10:20 AM
Posts: 170

I get migraines alot. I also get dizzy spells like everything is spinning. I am taking topamax, but not at a strong enough dose yet. Because of insurance reasons i had to stop taking it because its so expensive! But now I have started back on it and when I get the migraines, I also take the Excedrin migraine. I have found it to help also. I keep my room dark and make the kids either stay extremely quiet or leave the house! I also have FM and asthma and chronic Fatigue. With having the asthma it limits me to what they can give me to help with the tremors

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