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04/28/2009 05:28 AM

jerky all over and I don't contain beef....

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I woke up with the jerky movements going on..kept waking up with pain in shoulders(both) nasty aches.

I went to get the milk out of the frige and it flew out of my hand about 2 feet in front of me and hit the floor..I am sitting here typing and ny body's jerking all over the place.. I can't be still. This is the 1st time its happened like this. Didn't take my meds yet so I'm gonna do that and see what happens...let me know if this sounds familiar to you....get back at ya in e few

Oh yeah I did workout in the yard on Saturday and Sunday..pushing the mower, pruning, hoeing, raking etc.. did i trigger something..i dont like the trembles but you know me i'll deal with anything after i have an histerical cry...

I forgot to mention the PIERCING HEADACHE on the L/side of my head It literally took my breath away..

It hurt so bad.. That was a new type of pain felt for a headache..

Please let me know if you know or felt this way before..

Be Well and God Bless


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04/29/2009 09:58 AM

mowse - good to hear from you. Sorry it's because you're having trouble, though.

How did you feel after you took your meds? Sounds like with all of the work you did, your muscles have turned on you and are saying "whoa, enough!"

For me, when I over do it, my muscles feel very fatigued and it is hard to do things that should be simple - writing, picking up a pencil to move it, drinking out of a cup or water bottle. I feel like I need to take my other hand to move the hand/arm that needs to be used. I can feel a tremor in it, but it feels like I have someone else's arm on my body and I can't get it to move right. Does that make sense?

I also am more hypersensitive to caffeine when my muscles are fatigued.


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