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06/23/2009 03:25 PM

Recovery After Green Light Laser Surgery

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Hi. I'm new to the group and found you guys because I couldn't find a lot about recovery from my surgery. But an intro first ...

67 y/o family man, 7 grown kids and a wife. My only health problems before the enlarged prostate were high cholesterol (I'm on Zocor) and marginal hypertension. I also drink too much, but am still working and maintain a reasonable weight.

For the past year or more I've had a real slowdown in my urine stream. I went on Flomax and was fine for about a month until all symptoms returned. My PCP referred me to a urologist who discussed options and I opted for the green light laser surgery (where they vaborize the opening from the bladder to the prostate to enlarge the opening). My outpatient surgery went fine, I removed the catheter the next day and had pain urinating, but it was bearable. My only instructions were to take it easy for 2 days. So within 4-5 days I was resurfacing my driveway, cleaning my garage and not restricting my physical activity at all. At my 2-week check up I still had blood in my urine (I always saw it at the beginning of the pee), but the doc didn't seem concerned. So neither did I. Then a few days later my morning pee was pretty red. I went on line before going to work and discovered that I should have taken it easy for 2 weeks rather than 2 days. After taking it real easy for a week (elevator rather than stairs, no jogging or any sort of hurrying) my urine has been amazingly clear for 3 days. I have a real issue with the doc for not warning me, but I'm lots better now because I figured out what to do.

I'm still not peeing as freely as I'd like, but it's getting better. The only strange thing is the retrograde ejaculation thing (look it up if you don't know what it is), but my taking it real easy includes no ejaculations. Also, I still don't feel like my bladder empties completely and I was pulling on the foreskin to get the last of the urine out. Don't do that either. It causes the bleeting to return.

I'd be anxious to hear of others' experiences.



11/27/2009 04:47 PM
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I am new here. My urologist wants me to do the green light surgery. Do you recommend it from your expierence?

02/14/2010 07:01 PM
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I was in the same spot as you in 2000 and opped for the Trans Urethal Microwave Therapy at the teaching Hospital that pioneered the TUMT. I was down to 2 mil/sec flow when the Version 3 procedure was done and by Nov of 2000 I was right back where I was before the TUMT. Flowmax and Advodart worked well for the past 10 years.

The local green light I saw for a consultation in 2005 and again in Nov 2009 before my cancer diagnosis ( PSA 0.3 early diagnosis 10% of one core)recommended the TURP for me and not the greenlight lasar based on His experience. I guess at 72 he did not want to see me in his office at 82 complaining of regrowth after the green light surgery. Green light was my choice if the meds stopped working.

12/06/2012 02:09 PM
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So sorry you opted for the Green Light. It's been a disaster for me.

FIve weeks post-op, and I have a myriad of problems involving pain, bleeding, urgency - and retrograde ejaculation. Turns out the odds of getting the retro "complication" depends on how your surgeon does the procedure. The Greenlight promo brochure states 30% of patients will experience retro ejaculation for up to three months post-op but that usually goes away. Various other web sites about the procedure have that same info. I'm five weeks post op, am experiencing the retro thing accompanied by significant pain in the final parts of the retro ejaculation, and today the surgeon told me that the way he does the procedure the retro thing is 100% guaranteed and worse yet it will be permanent. Direct quote: permanent retro ejaculation is the price you paid to have a better stream.Don't know why he does it this way but he didn't make it clear before the procedure. Had he done so I would have found a different surgeon. I'm only 57 and my sex life is now over thanks to this procedure. Extremely distressed by the outcome of the procedure - easily the worst decision I've ever made in my life. I would have been better off if the surgeon had just used a 12-gauge to gut-shoot me.

12/30/2012 07:14 AM
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Dr. Kaplan is a "miracle doctor". I was suffering from prostate enlargement and urinary retention. I could barely pee and was suffering from painful urination, incontenance, and lower back pain. I am now pain free, I do not leak and I pee like a race horse. It truly is a miracle. Dr. Kaplan performed Green Light Laser Prostate Surgery on me. He is a most professional and caring doctor. He always took time with me, gave me great confidence and security as a patient. I just knew I was in great hands. And I was right. His staff is friendly and very helpful. My time in the waiting room was never delayed and I had a number of appointments. My only criticism was I should have been given and told to use a larger bag t night for my catheter. If you are in need of a urinary catheter, be sure you have an oversized bag for night time. Thank you Dr. Kaplan for changing my life. I remain sexually active. My wife is very thankful as well. THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!

I am six weeks post-op


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