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09/26/2009 05:41 PM

chronic prostate infection & BPH

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If a person had a biopsy on an enlarged prostate; and the result showed only bph and chronic infection. Would that be prostatitis? I had TARGIS procedure along with several antibiotics ciprofloxcin, leraquin, bactrum ds, nitrofurantion, several more meds. The procedure & antibioticts all helped temporarily shortly after the antibiotics, burning, strong odor, frequent urination all returned. After TURP procedure, the smae results are happening again. I also took flomax off & on, mostly on, for 2 1/2. this left my prostate incapable of performing, along with other changes. Could this BPH & prostatitis be caused by a virus like HIV or a veneral disease, or autoimmune system attacking antigen producing cells in prostate or could it be fungal infection, or a highly resistant virus or bacteria. I have a very high rheumatoid arthiritis count in my blood, with very llittle RA symptoms, could this be a factor with my BPH & prostatitis. As far as I know RA is an autoimmune disease.

I welcome any input and thanks in advance.jw


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