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04/16/2011 12:23 PM

How to Sleep Better with Emphysema

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Senior Member How_to_Sleep_Better_with_COPD.aspx

<<<< If you suffer from COPD breathing problems, getting enough sleep is

difficult – and related health conditions can make things worse. These

doctors' tips will help you to snag the slumber time. Chronic obstructive

pulmonary disease (COPD) and sleep make poor bedfellows. You take longer to

drift into slumber, sleep fewer hours and wake frequently throughout the

night. After all, it's hard to sleep when you're coughing and wheezing,

have chest pain or tightness, or struggle to breathe. And other conditions

that often accompany COPD – such as acid reflux, hormonal fluctuations and

sleep apnea – can turn attempts to snooze into a bad dream.

“Patients with COPD often complain of difficulty initiating and maintaining

sleep,” says Pittsburgh lung specialist Brian Carlin, M.D., chair of the

COPD Alliance, an educational organization for doctors. That's because COPD

is a condition in which breathing becomes more and more difficult, usually a

result of bronchitis (a long-term wet cough) or emphysema (a breakdown of

the lungs over time). Its main causes are smoking or exposure to pollution

and other lung irritants.

This article has a range of suggestions on how to sleep better beginning, of course, with smoking cessation. I found it very useful to keep in mind the many suggestions offered for those of us who struggle with getting enough sleep. It speaks of GERD, medications, sleep apnea, and other barriers to falling and staying asleep.


04/16/2011 06:51 PM
RaoulPosts: 4016
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Another thing you can do is to be tested for sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder.

If you have one - you may be able to get a cpap or a bipap to help you sleep. Theese machines provide a slightly positive air pressure which is very helpful.

If you are on oxygen - it can be sent in thru a side port or a hose. And they also often have humidification wells.

SOme even have alarm systems to help you in case of power outages or other problems.

IN my case (i have a vpap) my system alarmed when my heart stopped 3 times one night from fleaceril.

hugs, Raoul

04/16/2011 06:52 PM
RaoulPosts: 4016
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oh - I also use my system when I am too weak to breathe on my own.

And I have at least one other friend who does the same.

04/17/2011 10:30 AM
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Raoul, i do that too. Sometimes when i am really weak, i lay up in bed with my Cpap (i am using my husband's cpap because my new bipap is cutting my air off) i am angry about that too)) And when bedtime begins to come around, i cannot wait to go to sleep with the machine. It breathes for us that's why. We get a break. A nice one!SmileTongue




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