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09/23/2010 11:02 PM


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just finished the posts on gaslighting and sociopath personality traits and it fits my husband to a T

I often wake up to him penetrating me with his penis and slathering on cream....very demeaning. When i pull away he gets mad. I have told him it is rape ....after i said that he went ballistic and cut me apart...i overdosed a few days later. He refuses to take any responsability for his actions and the affect it has on me and other ppl.


09/24/2010 02:03 PM
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My BF will give me a massage and when I pass out he'll go about his business. I don't care as long as he doesn't wake me up, make a mess, or hurt me. He used to be mean about it and wake me up and be very rough. I threatened to get those Anti-Rape Tampons.

You don't have to put up with that. It's rape if you don't want it. It's your body.

09/26/2010 06:44 PM
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As for your situation, sociopaths are also known to be sex-addicts. My ex bf was a sex addict. I thought if I did sex acts he wanted he would love me. It was so sad when I think of it. Even things that were spicy weren't enough for him. It was every level of abuse. It really is sick when they do that. My experience for now has made me cold towards dating again because honestly, I don't want a sexual relationship after that. It makes me sick to think of being with a guy.

12/03/2010 08:11 PM
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It is rape and you need to call the police and get away from him.

If he really is sociopathic there is a chance that he is dangerous and you need to get out.

I do not know what else is going on, but I am rather sure this is just the tip of the iceberg for you.

Here are the DSM-IV (diagnosis criteria) for anti-social personality disorder: antisocialpd.htm

I am a second year psychology student (odd to find my self here considering) and I will help you find any information you need.

I would avoid, at all costs, labeling him with any disorder. It might provoke him and please try to find some where safe. You should not have to put up with being violated in your sleep or anything else for that matter.

This angers me... a lot.

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12/03/2010 08:46 PM
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My ex used to do the same thing and I found it to be so creepy. How could anyone get sexual satisfaction in a situation like that? It's not like you even have an unwilling partner. You have an unconscious partner! I couldn't help but think of necropheliacs (people who have sex with dead bodies). Being an abuser, it makes perfect sense. If you aren't a participant (willing or unwilling), he doesn't have to worry one iota about your needs. That's why a lot of abusers are into porn.

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