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11/26/2011 05:50 AM

Don`t trust abuser`s family

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I am learning a valuable lesson. Blood is always thicker than water. Ex`s family have all ignored me for months. I never did get along with his sister and she acted so much like ex. Very friendly to your face but untoed sarcasm and put downs all the time we were together. I believe she only tolerated me because I was with her brother and she acted very jealious of me. I find out now she took a comment about me going on a date with someone, I had on my facebook and ran it back to my ex. Her and I even discussed it and I asked her not to say anything to ex. I get a call last night from ex and first thing out of his mouth is, " I hear you are dating ____!!" As if any of it his business!!!! I was so dam mad at her for doing this , I removed her off facebook and blocked her. I do not have ex on my facebook for this reason. She is single and any man will do for her. The guy I went out with is very sweet but because I am not ready for dating anyone seriously, I have not accepted a second date but still was talking to him.

Her adult kids all have stopped talking to me since we split.

I finally just removed all his family members. I am not with ex so they don`t need to know my personal homepage.

Lesson learned.. do not trust any abusers`s family members.


11/26/2011 07:33 AM
Meg1129Posts: 15113
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Very true!

11/27/2011 04:56 PM
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I had to block my ex's family from facebook, and I had to block my sister in law from my cell phone. she had texted me saying if I would have left him a long time ago, this wouldn't have happened (him ending up in jail). I have no contact with any of his family, including my stepson

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