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06/23/2011 11:16 AM



I joined a choir a few weeks ago. I couldn't have ever done this before I separated because it's early evening and I have to rely on my husband to have the children Dizzy

Because my husband has started doing an evening activity where he needs me to get the children earlier (it's on a day he has them) I thought it was worth a shot - he wouldn't want to mess up my evening thing because it would mess up his... that was the theory Wink

Of course this went well for 2 weeks. Tonight I called to let him know I'm not going and he says 'oh well I'm at work still, I forgot about the Thursday thing'. So that is how long it lasted! I don't think he 'forgot' deliberately because he is still playing Mr Nice, but I do think that the effort involved in not being the only person that matters was too great to keep up!

I love it now every time something like this happens it chips away at that tiny bit of me that still wonders if he can possibly change... one day that part of me will be gone, or I'll know it doesn't matter anymore.


06/23/2011 11:26 AM
Posts: 4965
Group Leader

Pink, it really is like clockwork isn't it? I'm glad you are starting to see and even predict these behaviors for what they really are now and where they are coming from!

06/23/2011 11:37 AM

I wonder if it'll get boring, or if I'll be amused for years (and years) to come...?

06/23/2011 12:08 PM
Meg1129Posts: 14606
Group Leader

I am sure it will get boring because once you know how they think and operate, you see that there really are no surprises with them.

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