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06/01/2011 07:36 PM

Well...I went to court!!!!

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On the way to court, I was so so nervous! Almost ill, smoked about 5 cigarettes on my way there!!! Then, I got off the elevator in the court house and looked at him ~ and I realized why I was there and why I had made the decision to leave him. There was no way in HELL that I could ever spend another day with him. He was so nasty, so fowl looking. I was able to calm down immediately. I figured that whatever happened, all that mattered, was that I wanted to be able to get out of my marriage as soon as possible.

We were there to argue the original settlement agreement. He wanted to keep every penny of his pension as well as having me pay child support, without paying me any alimony! I currently make less than 1/5 of what he makes and I haven't seen my kids since Easter! Nope, not even on Mother's Day!

Of course, he was friend's with the judge! Just my luck, even my atty. was not hopeful at that point! The judge said that since it was originally in writing that I didn't get any pension, the most I could get was 25% IF he agreed upon it. Of course he said no. (shock) But his atty. (who admitted to mine that even HE couldn't stand my husband!!!) got him to sign over his deferred comp to me. The idiot thought there was not much money in the account!!! HAHA So after signing it over in front of the judge and both of the attys, (I was in the waiting area, we cannot be in the same area), he then looked at how much it was worth on a laptop. BRACE YOURSELF ~ $50K

My atty said the idiot almost had a panic attack and a heart attack rolled into one!!! I said, "where are the pictures of that one!!!"

So then, the idiot wanted me to pay for half of our youngest child's college tuition!!! Said I now had enough to pay for it!!! But my atty. said no, because the kids hadn't been to see me or won't text me or call me at all! At that point the judge asked the jerk when they had seen me last. He himmed and hawwed and the judge got mad. The jerk fessed up and said Easter. The judge had turned from a cop judge to a true child advocate! He told him, "even though those kids are older (16, 18, and 21) you as a father need to make them go spend time with their mother. I cannot believe that they didnt spend mother's day with her! She will not pay you one more dime! I know how much you make!!!"

I, for Christmas, will be divorced!!!! I am so relieved!!! so happy. Granted, I have a 21 year old who is so very nasty to me right now. And a mother who can't handle my divorce and doesn't get how the kids are acting. She wants me MAKE them talk to me individually about their feelings!! HAHA, like that would make it better ~ PLEASE

Right now, I am happy and soon my kids will be in a good place too.


06/01/2011 08:19 PM
Meg1129Posts: 14590
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Wow, great news all the way around! I am so happy for you! I love when abusers out-maneuver themselves! lol

06/02/2011 09:44 AM

Well done Kristens. An ordeal over. If you are there for your children come what may, they will see the light and return to you one day. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you so big (((hugs)))



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