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05/05/2011 12:57 PM

Anyone Hear From Shelley Yet?

Meg1129Posts: 14614
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Just wondering how her court date went today ...

05/05/2011 04:05 PM
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I'm here!! It went great, if you were me, really bad if you weren't me!! lol He was sitting in his van when my therapist and I drove up to the court house. I could spot him a mile away and I did. He looked like a predator to me, skinny face sitting there. Nancy said isn't that scary looking. So she parked out of sight so he doesn't see her vehicle, but I think he also can spot me a mile away and did. Anyway, we go in to this office to see which court room we are in.

I'm looking down at my paper work and someone in front of me is talking, and she hears it but I'm zoned into my papers, then she whispers "Is that him?" I look up and OMG I'm standing so close to him that if he turned around he'd be able to touch elbows. It was a very small enterance area. So I nod yes, and she grabs my arm and directs me to go sit over there!! Then she stands beside him, he was saying that all his court papers were stolen. Before I was able to move to that chair he looked right at me and then stared and I mean stared at Nancy, and looked her up and down with a look of disgust on his face, like he just saw some ugly alien or something. He had this look like who the hell are you? A shocked look, but then with disgust.

Then he leaves and Nancy finds out it's room 3. So we go there, and he's not in there. We go and sit down, she finds out that I'm first on the list. Crap, wanted to have some time to see how things work here. Then my husband comes in and sits behind us. So Nancy said we aren't playing his games, we got up and moved to the other side.

Turned out I went up second not first, first there was a woman with a protection order against her step-mother, so I was able to see the same thing in action first. The judge told the step-mother that it will be a long dragged out trial if she wants to fight this. Nancy whispered this is what will happen. I nodded but knew he wouldn't want to see me, just the kids.

Then we were called, and the judge asked my husband what he wanted and he said he wants the kids off of the protection order. Then she asked what I want. I said I want the order to remain standing as is your honor. Then I said that the children are not on my protection order. My husband right away spoke up to say yes they are, although I don't have a copy of the order since she stole the papers by breaking into my house. The judge looked up at me, and I was shaking my head and smiling. She then told him if that's the case then you need to tell the RCMP this is family court, not criminal court. So he had to shut up.

She couldn't find where I said that the kids are not on the order, and I waited not talking out of turn. She then said that as far as she can see they are on the order. I thought to myself, okay I don't want to argue with a judge.

I then said "Your honor, can I approach your assistant to show her what I mean?" She said yes, and so I did, and showed the clerk that the children's names are on the top of the page b/c I applied for them as well, but if you read the bottom half it states that after reading my application the judge granted the order to : then says just my name. So she showed the judge this and then she told my husband that Mrs. X is right, the children are not on this order. Then I said "Your honor I have a letter from CFS that I was told to present to you." She had her clerk take the letter.

Then she informed my husband that although the children are not on the protection order you can not have any contact with them while a investigation is going on with CFS, and that you need to deal with CFS in order to see the children, not Mrs. X's protection order. I added then that CFS has mailed him a copy of that letter. He then said to the judge that this investigation that "SHE" now went ahead and did, just started.

I didn't say a word. She then asked him if he would like to go ahead with a trial to fight Ms."s X's order and he said NO. (I knew he didn't care to show that he cared to see me, even though I know he would love to have me under his control again)

She told my husband/abuser that if he needs a new copy of Ms.X's order that states you can not go to her home, work, school, church, or contact her in anyway. She didn't know about the new condition of not going to my town at all except to get his prescriptions, she didn't know he already breached my order seven times if you count the tapes he made after the order that I didn't know about before with our son.

He didn't hang around to get a copy he was in his van and burned it out of there so fast, that Nancy and I just stood there staring at his dust, and then we laughed!! lol

He looked stupid going to court b/c he can't read the order right on who it was granted to and he was so mad that the judge said more than once that Ms. X is right. I just loved that moment when she said that and he couldn't yell at me or anyone there. lol

When we got back to the resource centre house, Nancy had me fill out ten pages to have that phone that I mentioned before on here, but this one doesn't have the GPS, they don't have one like that yet, like the one I had last time. But you press any button and it calls 911 and the papers all go to the RCMP in my area, and Victim Services and I put her as one of my emergency contacts, since she would know what to do and she would make the right calls immediately.

So we laughed and talked all the way back, 40 min. ride. She said how old he looks and how he walks with a hump back and so frail looking. I told her he's on Oxycontin, prescribed by our doctor, but it's taken him down to 180lbs, and he's over 6 feet tall. She said that CFS needs to know that he's on that too!! That people are high and numb on that stuff, and that he could really not care what he does. He doesn't care anyway. I told her I asked my doctor if that will make him more agressive, and she said it can!!

I was mad that she put him on it knowing full well that I have a very hard time with him, and that he's abusive. She said well he's addicted to Tylenol already, (for back pain) so what's the difference. Nancy said he won't last long on that stuff, it will kill him. I said why did the doctor put him on that then? Nancy said, maybe she wants him gone. ???

I didn't have to read any of my ten page rebutal to his ten page bullshit of lies, b/c the kids weren't on it, and this wasn't a trial anyway, one would have to be set if he wanted to fight it still. It was really very simple and very much like Karma got him, at least for now. He always said he wants his day in court, to put a end to my claim to fame. So he will be getting lots of what he has wished for.

I stayed strong and poised throughout the whole thing, wasn't even nervous going there etiher. I think because I knew I was telling the truth, and had faith in the judge seeing his lies if it went to that, which it didn't. So all is good. Smile

Oh I celebrated by stopping at a store and buying myself a really nice planter, it's a little black iron wheelbarrow, with several pants and flowers in it, and it has a butterfly ornament in the plants. It's my Mother's Day present to myself, and from my kids b/c I'm sure they would have been proud of their mama today too if they were there.!!!

05/05/2011 05:18 PM
Posts: 94

That sounds great Shelley, Good for you..guess he will see his is not so powerfull anymore Smile


05/05/2011 06:12 PM

Shelley,Glad to hear it went so well.Way to begin taking back your power from that abuser.Keep up the good work!


05/05/2011 06:34 PM
twilli12Posts: 277

Oh My Gosh!!! I am so tempted to drive to Canada and (((((hug))))) you!!!! I am so freaking proud I can barely contain myself!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Way to go my beautiful friend!!! He can stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!!

We just got in so I have to get my sweetie to bed. Will call you tomorrow!! Hearing this in person will be so much better!! Smile Remember...I love you to the moon and back!!! Smile

05/05/2011 08:08 PM
Meg1129Posts: 14614
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I LOVED IT!!!! What's even better is knowing his attitude toward women, you, your therapist, the judge and her assistant were all women! Well, he must be in shock knowing that his usual bag of tricks didn't work for once. He'd better get used to it too because the show is over.

05/05/2011 09:21 PM
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Dear Shelley,

I'm so proud of you too!!! I love the word Karma!!! I hope it keeps up!!!! Go Shelley!!!!! I'm still keeping you in my prayers that everything continues to go in your favor.



05/05/2011 09:51 PM
Posts: 1017

Thank-you everyone!! You all are my cheerleaders that's for sure! And Meg, your right about him hating women, and that he had to face all women!! I even said that to my therapist. Last time he went after a lawyer that went to his first wife when she was in the hospital, according to "him" this lawyer just showed up there, no way his wife would call a lawyer when she's in the hospital, found out later, he put her in the hospital after what he did to her and she had the guts to call for help. Anyway, according to his paranoia this lawyer was later promoted to judge after screwing him over, she got this promotion b/c of what she did to him!! (Mr. Big shot NOT) The screw over was that his wife filed for divorce and went back to Germany and left him. He would talk about this judge with such hate in his voice, and now today I have one too! lol Plus surrounded by women! And he couldn't tell any of us off like he loves to do to women.

Oh and his wife made the fatal mistake of returning to him, then she was bedridden for the rest of her life, as you all know. She would never be able to leave him again.

This is all good, and all, and I know I may not always have good days in court to come, but I really do feel like I'm playing with fire here too. I just shook out my door mat outside and it was pitch dark and for the first time I was scared and shook it fast and locked my door again. What if he's planning on killing me and hiding around the corner I thought. With the trailer parked at my door, it's a big hiding spot. Shit, he even has keys for the trailer, not like he couldn't hide in it!

I keep seeing 911 on my clock again, always on a day that I'm doing something or preparing something about him. I swear!! This evening I told the kids I have to lie down for abit, just was so mentally drained. I always have this uncontrolled jump in my sleep that wakes me up, my whole body just jumps all of a sudden, and I see flashes like someone is taking my picture, then I got up and the dame clock said 911 again. I swear this happens all the time to me. I have to tell my therapist. I hate those nerve jumps too. But this time was different with the flashes of light. Someone is trying to tell me something. The 911 has been going on for years now. I'm not into strange stuff either, but this is strange.

05/06/2011 01:20 AM

I'm glad to hear everything went well in court Shelley, brilliant.

As far as the feeling of danger - your body and mind is sensible. He is dangerous, you should be feeling in danger. You haven't felt that before so this is a good step forward.

Honestly, in situations with a man so violent as your husband, here in the UK women are helped to move somewhere so that the man doesn't know where they live. Then if the man ever does get visitation with the children it is supervised. It is not good that he knows where you live and where the kids go to school, unfortunately realistically this does put you in more danger.

I hope you are ready to pick up a bag and leave, never to return, if that is what you need to do. Better that than end up dead. I urge you to leave with your children at the first sign of something being wrong, don't mistrust your intuition. This could be the difference between life and death for all of you.

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05/06/2011 06:19 AM
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Just want to add my cheers to you Shelley: this is a big step! Keep being awesome!

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