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02/09/2011 01:38 PM

Life is to short.Do not waste it being abused.


It sounds cliche to say it but it is so true.Life is to short to spend it being abused.Your life is a precious,valuable gift.It is worth more than anything you own.No matter what an abuser says you deserve to be happy.You deserve to put yourself first for a change.It is NOT selfishness.It is self-love.Are you willing to put the same amount of time and effort into loving yourself that you have into an abuser?My life was almost taken from me by my abuser.I never saw it coming.I did not want to believe it could happen to me.It did.My ex abuser did not beat me everyday.He did not have to.He used fear and intimidation to control me most of the time.When that did not work he resorted to physical abuse.

My own ex abuser blamed me for everything that went wrong in his life.He was never responsible for anything he said or did.It was always somehow my fault.From the way I ate to the way I vacuumed the floor.He felt the need to control everything.

The day finally came when I realized that I deserved better than the way I was being treated.I wanted a better life for myself and my child.My son did not deserve to live with the pain and fear of watching his Mother being abused.He did not deserve to live with the tension and arguing.I wanted a better life for myself and my child.But no one was going to do it for me.I had to find the courage somewhere within myself.No one was going to take my life back for me.

Life is to short to spend it being abused in ANY way.Do not wait to leave and then wake up ten years from now or five years from now and realize that you are more depleted physically,emotionally,financially and in every way.Get out before this happens.


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02/10/2011 05:25 AM
Posts: 622

Lanna you are wonderful!

02/10/2011 08:29 AM
Posts: 1017

Thank-you Lanna and I agree you are a wonderful person. People who take the time here to help others are all wonderful people. I'm grateful to all of you. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom and your story with us.

02/10/2011 08:38 AM
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Thanks Lanna,

I am just now starting over at 64.

My life is full of peace and I savor every moment.

The other day a little old lady returned to the fabric

department where I work to tell me that I am so nice

and bubbly.

I allowed someone to squash my bubbles for decades and

turn me into an anxious sad victim.

It is so good to live without abuse.

02/10/2011 08:52 AM
Posts: 1017

I just love you Shirley!!! I can relate to you completely, how you are now all bubbly that others even can see it. I felt like that once as well, then I returned to my husband and felt like the sad anxious victim again. I'm looking forward to getting to where you are now. Thank-you for being a inspiration to us all!!! Smile

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