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05/28/2009 08:57 PM

DJ's knees!

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Sad I am so upset that DJ's knees haven't healed up. He can't stand the itching and stracthes them and causes them to bleed. My biggest concern is infection. I keep them bandaged 99% of the time. I don't want to put the oil I got for Aaliyah's skin on DJ because he had open wounds. I'm afraid that would burn terribly. My only hope is to get those knees healed up.

05/29/2009 01:43 PM
KwiteKontrariePosts: 1542
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What kind of oil are you using on your daughter? Does it have a strong odor or some quality that makes you suspicious that it could burn? Have you tried it on a scratch or open wound on yourself to know if it burns?

I understand why you would be resistant to try it on your son, my poor daughter has experienced some pretty fierce creams and ointments. But, perhaps you could try just a small area on yourself to see if it would be tolerable. I would hate for your son to be miserable just for fear of trying a remedy that you may already have available.

Have you tried any antibacterial ointment (like Neosporin) to help keep infection out and aid healing?


05/30/2009 09:54 PM
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I did try the oil on him today and he tolerated it pretty well. It's called "Eczema no more." It's organic and all natural. It worked really well on my daughter. It seemed to help on his left knee today, but he started straching his right knee again. I do use antibiotic ointment on his knees to keep them from getting infected. I have access to very good creams so I'm lucky. I guess it makes me nervous because I know first hand how bad infections can get. Eventhough I know in my heart I won't let it get that bad anyway. Smile

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