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10/25/2008 04:09 PM

side bars

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why is it that when i am trying to read stories about eating disorders and recovery/struggle all these diet ads and food commercials keep coming up on my computer. the irony of it all. i meean come on i just had flying fortune coolies blinking on and off..(sorry about the sprecific food) anyway i am 32 and been bulimic for 13 years and intermittanly anoexic and i am so tired of being addicted to food. i was addicted to coke and heroin and truly felt i wanted to die coming off those drugs but i couldn't put down the fork.and cant (wont)stop biting the hand that feeds me. i know 12 steps in and out and just keep on throwing up...

10/25/2008 09:35 PM

HI 8WANDS...WELCOME TO THE GROUP! IM SO GLAD YOU FOUND US!!!Smile i know exactly what you mean... if you speak, or think of recovery, food is everywhere! it seems to be like that with ALOT of shit...for example, when we were preparing to bring my golden retreiver sonny home when he was a puppy, the weeks leading to his homecoming, i shit you not... golden retreivers were freakin EVERYWHERE! on t.v. on the streets... the mall! weird huh? Wassat

its so hard to understand why we do what we do. i hate it too. but its awsome youre here, and im here ANYTIME you need me. i share some of your struggles. NEVER feel alone sweets! you arent. the lovlies here are awsome and supporting. we ALL love and care for eachother. we truley are like a little familey.

so WELCOME... get comfy, and be yourself!Wink

10/26/2008 01:26 PM

I agree about the diet ads coming up on the computer! I'm trying to maintain my weight at the moment as I can't really afford to lose much more. And all I see are adverts to lose weight, like they're subliminal messages! Not exactly what I need right now but oh well lol!

How are you anyway?

10/30/2008 07:44 PM
Posts: 40

im okay for today.. am ahppy about these new friends here who i can openly spill to about food.. like i said the drugs were easy and poeple pat me on the back all the time and tell me how great and strong for kicking heroin but have no clue the struggle i still have and the anger and all the other BS about EDO's. it makes me crazy. and i don't want to do this craziness anymore. i want to finish my 30 year plan college degree and get out of the country and bot be chained to food and food issues. i am scared about what i have done. i can't afford dental care but only because i ahve done so much damage and i work in themedical field and always wonder if i will become that statisitic of edo women who die with a fullstomach and a torn esophogus.thanks for listening.. talk to everyone soon.. still trying to get to know the sites. oh yeah and f!@#$those diet ads

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