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02/28/2011 08:58 AM

Feeling disgusting in a healthy way


So unfortunately but fortunately, I've gained weight. I used to be down at an also very unhealthy 105, back in the beginning of January, but now that we're rounding the end of February, I weigh nearly over 120. I don't understand how, it could very possibly just be water weight, but magically eating 1-2 meals a day with snacks here and there - being forced by my friend not to purge- I gained 15 lbs in two months.

How I want to lose it so bad...

I feel ridiculously disgusting, and I don't want to gain anymore weight. How can I just keep it where I'm at now?



02/28/2011 09:50 AM

Nice to hear from you! I am glad you have friends who are taking care of you. You body has been starved for so long that it is likely holding on to everything for a bit until your metabolism normalizes. I see a dietician to help me maintain my weight, so it changes for every person. You are also probably gaining some bone mass and muscle which your body was using to compromise for your starvation.

I find that eating 6 times a day--fairly equal portions and working out a few days of week (low fat foods too and low sugar content, low sodium...) keeps my weight the same, but after I started to re-feed after my anorexic stage it quickly increased then levelled off and then normalized. I hope this helps!


02/28/2011 09:58 AM

Thanks Janna, just been having a rough go, sorry I haven't been posting lately...

I'll try that, cause I really don't want to gain weight and no one wants me to lose any weight so I might as well stay right where I am.

Thank you


02/28/2011 02:16 PM

You might need to play around with 100 calories or so and see what keeps the weight on and what stops you from losing--don't weigh yourself everyday if you can.

02/28/2011 06:50 PM
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I agree with everything Janna said. I also see a dietician who is trying her best to get me into a healthier eating routine. I don't always want to eat everything or the the amounts that I should, but at least I trust that she will point me in the right direction as far as health and needed nutrients go. Have you ever seen a dietician? If not, you might consider contacting one and see if you find the assistance helpful.

03/01/2011 07:15 AM

thank you both, i will look into the dietician and what not, im driving myself insane... its hard not to weigh myself nearly everyday because its such a habit.

03/01/2011 02:19 PM

Ya, I'm no role model--I do it day and night, but my Pdoc says that's fine, lots of people do.

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