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04/26/2010 05:37 PM

A high amount of guilt

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I ate today and i'm feeling high amounts of guilt, i just want it out of me, i can't believe i was so weak. I hate myself right now and i'm beating myself up because of this. It's full on war in my head and i can't get it to shut up, i think i'm losing it. I haven't felt this bad in a while and i can't stop crying about it and i feel sick. I can't get my mind off of it and all i can think of is eating something else but that's just going to make everything worse, i don't know what to do. To make matters worse i have punishment workout waiting for me now because of this and i'm already really sore from the last one. At least i can burn it off but i don't want to but i know i have to, i feel bad enough already, not getting up is just going to add to the guilt because i'll probably gain weight and hate myself even more. It's not fair, i hate dealing with this and i hate that i have to keep up with this, i want out but i can't get myself to give this up. As much as i hate it, i love it and i can't see myself with out it, no matter how bad it makes me feel. So now i sit here up to my neck in guilt and i don't know what to do next.

04/26/2010 06:04 PM
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you'll figure out what do I'm sure.Wink

04/28/2010 04:26 AM
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Take a deep breath and try meditation to quiet he voices. Sam, you did a good thing, not a bad. Meditate on the healthy part of it. We punish ourselves enough, give yourself a break on this one. Think of the happiest place in your mind and be there. I wish you luck!

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