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  "I have a STD" (BummerBetty)

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cwille"MDJunction means a lot to me, i have been to other sites where you would post a question or comment and never get an answer, not here, somebody will answer your comment or question and not make you feel stupid or think you made a ridiculous question, the people here even though they are not doctors are very knowlegdgable about thier conitions and that makes me very comfortable. From the beginning i have felt very secure in my comments knowing that i will recieve knowelegable and nice answers." (cwille)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Dystonia, together.
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01/08/2014 10:30 PM
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10/26/2013 01:34 PM
by smalltown
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11/11/2012 08:17 AM
by martina123
    psychogenic dx 3483pitchbug
07/25/2009 08:04 PM
by valerieanne
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