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11/07/2011 10:36 AM

Never just a positive always a negative to follow

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Ok, so it seems like there is always something going on in my family. Out of all of us and there are 7. Myself, my husband and my 5 adult children, I am the only one that has not gone to jail for something. I know that probably sounds strange and very much an embarrassment, but more then any thing else it really bothers me emotionally. I have always tried to go by the book and do everything right. I don't do drugs, steel, lie, cheat, or have marital affairs. I work for a living and work very hard to keep us going. I feel as if I am the glue that holds this family together. There is always drama and it seems like the bad stuff always happens on special days. Last week on my birthday my daughters boy friend really screwed things up. Of course the two are living together and not married with 3 children. I have learned to accept that. But my daughters boy friend just recently was caught selling pot. He had it around my grand babies. And that really makes me angry. Now I have one of my grand babies living here with me temporarily. I am ok with that, I don't mind helping out, but it should not be under these circumstances. I just wish my life and the people around me could do things right. Why do I have to put up with such a dysfunctional family? I think positive and try hard to follow the norm. However, when ever something good happens something bad always follows. I wish I could get through to those around me. Help them understand that life will go better if you go by the book so t speak. Work hard to make good things happen and they will. I myself have a lot of health problems and am unsure of what that will bring to the table. The stress that I get from my family problems does not at all help my health. I have told them that but none of them try to go by the norm. I wish with every ounce of energy that I could have a normal family with little to no problems. Right that will happen. So I never really celebrated my 51st birthday on Thursday and each and every day brings on new struggles. Makes me wonder what will happen next. How can I accept what my adult children and husband do with their lives? How can I go on living not letting it bother me? How can I maintain a positive attitude with all this drama? Any advice would be great. New at this site and glad to be here to give and get advice. Just happy to have someone to talk to about my problems.

11/07/2011 11:22 AM

Welcome to the Group , Rose. Your problems are similar to most here. Bits and pieces of your problems are like ours. You will find support and understanding here without any criticism .

I'm very sorry for your troubles, but remember you are not the one to have caused them. That was their decision in life to take a different path than you.

Don't ever think you are to blame, because you are not. I know this from my own experiences in family problems. Post back, let us know in little stories of one incident at a time..we can least show you ways to cope.

Believe me, sometimes I feel a spell has been put on me by an evil personDizzy

Scary thought, but so true...seems just one thing after another keeps happening as you said about yourself.

I truly care..Welcome To the Group with hugs...patty

11/07/2011 11:43 AM
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11/08/2011 09:16 AM

Rose..I love the title to your thread!! It seems to relate to a lot of family issues. Negativity needs to stop in all families..

But it seems to follow a course in my life as well

Sometimes I think I was jinxed..LOL..actually I'm serious

Hugs , Patty


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