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06/15/2011 11:53 AM

Are you being bullied by family or friends


I just though if you want to share a situation where you feel you are being bullied by someone in your family or even friends.

I know this has happened many times in my life with my family. But when it happens with hurts..because you know you have to let them go..

Leave a friend...just leave anger..but normally you are hurt.

So how do I deal with the hurt? Or even if I have to leave my family...How do you deal with the hurt it many memories just washed away..and just start over again?? I'm not sure..Any ideas?? I have been hurt by a few friends here..but funny not in my 3D world..most love me for who I am..not what they think they perceive me to be..Hmm...good question..any ideas??thoughts?? suggestions ??Ermm


06/15/2011 12:13 PM

I am not sure I was bullied, what usually happens in my case, is my husband gets mad and doesn't associate with ppl who used to be "our best friends". I'm starting to think he has personality disorder. Everything is white or black - best friend or enemy... and half the time it is in his head.

What I gues s I'm saying, is I have lost many friends, mainly bc of him. I felt like i had to go along... the friends i have now are just mine. We don't do well with couples...

I moved every 3 yrs or so growing up and got used to leaving friends and making new ones. That may have made me not get as upset if a friendship ended?? That probably isn't really healthy either.

My thinking now,, is if someone is rude to me - THEY have a problem, it's not worth me losing sleep over. Maybe I'm getting hard and crusty with age Devil

06/15/2011 03:14 PM
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I have been bullied, judged, scolded.

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06/15/2011 04:23 PM
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I sure understand about toxic friendships with in your family or not. I haven't experienced it here on MDJ, only here 5 months. It is best like you say to turn away. that in itself shows a healthy attitude toward self. Take from them what you can learn and remember it in the future.

My latest took me 11 yrs to learn. It was In-Laws that after 3 yrs. of marriage I was invited me into the family celebrations. And not on my husbands instance. I thought it was my big chance, yet I was held always at a distance. Blamed for everything, given credit for nothing. Even rejected at invitations of friendship, or of service to them.( I wanted my boys to rake leaves in their yard, they said no) I also saw my husband not standing by my side when hard times came, he ran to their side. That was the last I could and had to take. I haven't been there for 5 years. My son's go twice a year, and my husband says it's me who keeps them away. So why doesn't he take them when he goes? they are not chained to me. I won't go near them, they are like poison to my self esteem. I have gotten pastoral counseling on the matter. My hand of friendship was rejected, my offer of service declined. I need to do no more, but pray for my enemies. This is the hardest thing to do, try it. I have to leave it in God's hand.


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