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03/17/2010 04:21 PM

Dupuytrens surgery vs. needle aponeurotomy(page 2)

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New Member

No, it is painless. One good thing about it.

03/17/2010 05:38 PM
sunflowerspaPosts: 704

HI Mandomama! yes, guess that is a good thing--no pain--but then ya tend for forget about it! LOL But, glad no pain----take care. Hugs, Sunflowers

06/02/2012 07:41 PM
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I have had NA done twice by The Handcenter in Jupiter Florida. Go to NOT where another surgeon has taken over the domain name.

Hand surgery has a very low success rate, I'd recommend they you avoid it unless its the absolute last resort, and NA will not work for you for some reason.

The last time I had it down, did a little hand therapy which helped and hand is almost normal. Would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Eaton. Obviously there are not many of these guys around, so you have to find one close to you or travel. Florida weather is always good.


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