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  "i am having some female problems and i want to wear this ribbon for me and every..." (jane1964)

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jaguarandcubs"MDJ is an integral part of my everyday life. Since joining in 2010, I have met so many amazing people. It is truly incredible to be able to share good times and not so good times with others who face the same health challenges. And MDJ has support groups for every condition I have. I don't know of anywhere else that can offer that. I love that I can learn from others as well as offer my own experiences for others to learn from." (jaguarandcubs)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Dupuytren's Contracture, together.
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  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Online resources for Dupuytren's Sufferers. 1537john645
07/21/2013 09:47 AM
by john645
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Dupuytren's article 3252john645
09/10/2013 06:59 AM
by carmdi04
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Dupuytren's causes and risk factors. 5621john645
05/30/2013 10:34 AM
by Jazzdame
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Lets all get acquainted 301095john645
04/07/2013 07:51 AM
by lacasajo
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Sooner treatment is better? 211977Garrick
10/07/2013 12:26 PM
by john645
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Dupuytren's Contracture Videos on MDJunction 283roy
03/09/2011 03:22 AM
by roy
  Sticky - selected as an important discussion Welcome Everyone! 0155john645
11/20/2010 08:24 AM
by john645
    What is Dupuytren's Diathesis? 371john645
03/30/2014 10:46 AM
by john645
    The Baron's Complaint 139littlepeaks
02/24/2014 11:30 AM
by john645
    Another Dupuytrens link 023john645
12/19/2013 08:36 AM
by john645
    How much Vitamin C daily is safe for DD & LD? 152heron2
11/23/2013 02:31 PM
by john645
    Newly diagnosed but had it for years 5131MtnMama
10/15/2013 08:11 PM
by raid
    Video tab 038john645
09/30/2013 07:05 AM
by john645
    Dupuytren's and Diabetes 61241john645
09/09/2013 09:12 AM
by john645
    had xiaflex procedure 153carmdi04
09/06/2013 04:02 PM
by john645
    Re: 3144timm
08/27/2013 09:26 PM
by john645
    treatment options in florida or elseware 1110timm
08/26/2013 04:17 PM
by john645
    dupuytren's xiaflex procedure 154carmdi04
08/03/2013 04:28 PM
by john645
    Dupuytren's Diathesis 292john645
08/03/2013 04:17 PM
by john645
    Uveitis - Inflammatory Eye Condition 1114ScottieOwner
06/29/2013 10:25 AM
by john645
    Rate the discussion 044john645
06/25/2013 04:06 PM
by john645
    Daily activity checklist. 040john645
06/15/2013 07:05 AM
by john645
    Hand surgery 9th May. 7135RAKEN
05/19/2013 07:16 AM
by ScottieOwner
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Sticky - selected as an important discussion - Sticky - selected as an important discussion

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