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04/14/2009 03:23 PM

I need to let yall what happen in my life.

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I always bein suspended 8-10 day, detention 31-35 times. So far this year.

I grew up in philly, its a rough place, i seen people get shot, mugged, robbed, steal. i steal and i think it ok to cause i got problems w/ stealin, beating up people, hating skool, suicide thoughts, criminal state of mind, like how to get away with a crime,(there pretty good). Made fun of, i hate it i just wanna k-eye-el-el(kill) em. the only friends i got is criminals, and have been to glenn mills, or jail.( if u lev in PA, or SEPTA, Philly area would be good for a chill with you) and thats where i headin with the stuff i been doin lately. i got a record for terroristic threat, many theft on school porperty, 5 fights. I need a GF.

Kevin Fallon


04/14/2009 08:54 PM
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Not had my meds yet, anyone wanna get this one?

04/14/2009 09:53 PM
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Fallon- you almost seem proud of all your crimes. Maybe it is because it is how you were raised and all you know. Don't know if they have internet in prison but you need to get some help soon or you aren't going to be with us if you can't get some help SOON!!!! Why do you need a girl friend? Everyone likes company but would you be able to

make sure she would be safe? Please get some couseling and be open to it!!!!!

04/16/2009 06:13 AM
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Sara has a point. The things you have seen and been exposed to have and contiue to leave deep scars upon you emotionally. These things will eat you up. You know you want to feel and live differently or you would not have sought out this site. We have you back, but we all need and have some thing and someone local to help suppport us. You still being in the border zones, need to think about the local support for you.

Keep hanging kid

Cool Matt


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