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11/05/2007 11:03 AM

Bipolar Resentment--"...Wanna SMACK somebody!?"

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Bipolar Resentment

Hey Y'all!

The first step to escape resentment is for me to recognize my resentment. My bipolar mind makes the resentment seem so real and so persistent that I can't always see it for myself. Therefore, since I at least know something's wrong about the way I feel, I seek counsel from someone who is able to recognize and explain my resentment.

My family and friends are too close, too involved, and perhaps too affected with my sickness to help me see my problem; so, with an open mind (ESSENTIAL) and willingness to listen and accept (ESSENTIAL) what I hear about myself, I go to a trained counselor or to a therapist.

Living in the present is part of the solution for me. When my bipolar mind does not allow me (resentment) to live in the present, I know I am back "in the problem" rather than "in the solution."

Thanks for being a part of my recovery!


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11/10/2007 10:53 AM
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What happened to the other post? I saw it on mon but this isn't the same post anyhow I didn't pay any attention on mon but it came back to me today and I wrote something onthe bp group. anyhow thanks because I guess you showed me i have resentments and your right they do mess me up. Are you still jr1 or what your prof is the same why the switch? Im always lurking around but my mind is always screwy schizo I just thought i could say something for achange.

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