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08/12/2010 03:45 PM

dry mouth

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Guess I'm introducing myself. I've got a large number of medical issues. But for the last year or more I have been suffering from dry mouth and other mouth issues. It's hard to eat alot of times. I always have to have a drink with me. Right now I'm trying to treat it as thrush since doctor's don't seem to have an answer. Anyhow I'm new to support groups but I'm hoping to fnd people who understand what I'm going thru.

09/03/2010 03:15 PM
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Chewing gum seems to make some people more comfortable. I like to eat honey or other foods that make my throat feel less dry, at least for a little while.

If you think you might have a thrush problem, i've heard that eating probiotic yogurt can help with getting rid of yeast.

You say you have a number of medical issues... have you been tested for auto-immune disease?


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