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04/12/2012 04:51 PM

can u say manipulation boys and girls ?

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manipulation is the addicts biggest asset. its the power they possess to get what they want. we all fall for it. if you stop and think about it, almost everything the addict does is based on a lie. that lie being drug induced. if you cant manage life without drugs you hide behind what ever you can. the excuses, manipulation ... their all lies. the addict ... been there ... has no self confidence. therefore everything he does is based on drugs. you see, we the addict are not stupid. hell yes we know YOU KNOW. so, if i ask for money knowing full well im gunna blow it up my nose or shoot it in my vain .. YOUR GUNNA SAY NO.

enter the pity party. the addict will make you feel so bad for them, you have no choice but to give in. their your family, you love them, you cant stand to see them in pain. sooo, here you go. yes, you have been manipulated by an artist. a con artist. you enable because YOU CANT SAY NO ... just like they cant. dont give into the lies. there comes a time when you simply have to let nature take its course. every time you give in .. you get pissed at yourself. or another family member gets pissed at your actions. the old saying is ,cunning and baffling .... simply put is a bunch of lies the addict uses to get what he or she wants. and if you think for one minute they actually give a damn about your feelings .. think again ... YOUR WRONG.

the ONLY thing the addict gives a damn about is the drugs they want to get. nothing else matters.


04/12/2012 11:42 PM
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You are so right...the vicious circle of manipulative addicts and enablers.

04/13/2012 05:32 AM
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Odiebob you are so right, addicts become great manipulators and liars. I consider myself as basically an honest person, its hard for me to lie, espceially if I have to come up w/ one on the spot. but drugs make you a master in lying and manipulating situations so you can get your drug. My daughter was tough, she saw through all the lies but my bf has no experience w/ addiction, so it was easy to get him to be my enabler. When the drug is in control you beecome someone else, you do things you never would have dreamed of doing. You lie, cheat, anything to get your drug. That is all that is on your mind and everything you do revolves around the drug, so you become good at manipulation and having people become enablers. They don't expect such dishonesty from you, because that's not who you really are. But you are not yourself, you are someone even you don't know.

Taking back control of your life is hard, but it feels so great to finally be in control of your own life, take responsibilty for your actions. You can't blame the drug anymore.


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