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01/16/2011 05:30 AM

The fight starts in our thoughts....

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I wanted to post something that I have just recently realized.I realized that the temptation and battle for staying sober starts very early in our thought pattern.I have used most of my life so what I am suggesting is not easy at all,especialy for me.I always would find myself thinking about memories or thoughts of or about different drugs,even watching things on tv about rehab or drugs cause I can relate to it.I have learned that your relapse starts in your thoughts,thats where the fight begains.If you watch or hang out in druf settings it triggers your mind to think about your past experiances.Then you end up wondering why you are having cravings that seem to you to be out of nowhere.It seemed that way to me at least.I have done really well for a long time not even thinking about getting high.Then I went back to watching the show on A&E called "intervention".Me and my wife watched it on the ON DEMAND for a few days cause there was nothing else on tv.Then as I was at work I start having thoughts of getting high and that little voice starts saying "why dont you get a little on your way one will know".This of course freaks me out and I fight against it.I wonder why this is going on after so long of not even thinking of anything to do with dope.I talked with my wife and the only thing I did different is watching that show.So obviously it was triggering something in my brain and making me have memories of my past then in turn my addiction starts getting hungry for it.The pathway from your mind to your hands is alot shorter than you think.When you think about memories or things you did and entertain that thought for even a second it starts to put you on that path to failure.With me even if I am thinking of the negative aspect of drugs,if I think on it too long the next thing I realize I am wanting to get high or thinking about it.I am then wondering where that came from and I realize three days ago I was thinking about a past experiance.This has taken me a long time to realize so I thought I would pass it on so others dont have to learn the hard way.You have to capture those thoughts the second they come into your mind and cast them down from your mind and replace them with positive thoughts.What you think of becomes what you are,no way around it.I also learned a second thing that you cant stop a thought with another thought.You stop it with words.Do this,in your mind think of counting from 1 to 10,then say your name in the middle of the count.What happened?Your number count went away.Same happens with the thoughts of dope.Say out loud for those thoughts to leave you mind and then move on to doing something else.You may have to speak out a few times to get rid of it but it works.I know now that you cant think of and watch things about drugs and expect to not have reprecushions from your thought life.The battlefield is in your mind,win the battle there and you have won the war.

01/16/2011 11:15 AM
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That is so true Will, thanks for sharing, this past New years' eve, I went to dinner w/ my bf and it was the 1st time I was not conscious of all the drinking going on all around me. Before I would notice who is drinking, what they are drinking and feeling sorry for myself because I can't drink. Why can't I have just alittle, everyone else is. Your mind will bring back memories to when you 1st started drugs and think how much you were laughing and the fum you had, and you think, why can't it be like that again. It could never be like that again, because it leads down a path of nightmares. I also think well I haven't done any coke in 26 yrs, how would it feel like, would I like it, would I be able to control it. I do know it will lead to destruction of all I have worked for. I did try pot after 15 yrs of being clean and it made me paranoid, so I do not crave that anymore.

Will you are so right, you need to stop the thought as soon as it comes to your mind, because the longer you think about it, the more obssessed you will become in thinking, just one time, to see how it feels, you need to win the battle right there in your mind before you take any action.

I watch "Intervention" alot and it reminds me of all the horror I went through, I can connect to how the addicts are feeling, not wanting to hear it from family members, being in denial. At the time I did not see my family's sufferings, I was to into myself and how I felt. I can see it now and I am so grateful that my family and bf were there for me and helped me get clean.

It begins w/ a certain thought or memory and you can relapse so easily. It is a constant battle that will always be w/ us.

01/17/2011 11:10 AM

Im still confused non what you said ..I am a parents of a now in recovery addict Will: are you saying that when a person relapses ..they think about it before getting high?

01/18/2011 04:28 PM
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The relaps starts in your mind I found that out the hard way, after some time and hard work I have been studying Sience Of Mind and basically they say what you think about you bring about, stay in pure thought and Positive Energy.

01/18/2011 06:29 PM
odiecomPosts: 207

urges are created by thoughts. many of us have to distance our selves from ANY kind of temptation. its hard to reprogram your thoughs. when we think negative thoughts we limit our abilities and our boundries. your child that is in recovery as we do, needs to change everything. that means moving past friends that use. teens find it very hard to move away mentally past their " so called " friends.

positive influence from every one is a must. bringing up what was done while they used is not a good idea. from the day they go into rehab ... it is a new life for EVERYONE involved.

you should be able to tell by how they are responding to treatment as to whether or not they may stick with it or not. if they have negative attitude about it ... well.

keep in mind even the best of intentions may fall short. it could happen.

if you have a teen that has a good outlook after rehab simply encourage them to continue their support.

01/18/2011 08:37 PM
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good sound words..thanks for sharing this.

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