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04/07/2010 09:45 AM

Day 35 without dope!!

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Hi, My name is Rusty. I am fairly new to this forum. I have been off of oxycontin, dilaudid, morphine and fentanyl for 35 days today. I am a long time addict and have tried anything I was exposed to at one time or another. The opiates were the most destructive and are what convinced me to stop. I was very suicidal at the end and did not know what to do. I went through the withdrawl which was very tough I was so desperate that I went to a NA meeting and have been going back five days a week. That has been the only thing that has helped me. It gets less scary every time I attend a meeting. They are the only people that understand my messed up thoughts. I am still struggling, but am commited to getting better. I wish it would happen faster, but am trying to practice some patience. I hope that everyone who is an addict can get help and find some degree of peace. I find that there are lots of us and now I don't feel so alone. Thank you for reading my post.



04/07/2010 03:37 PM
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I am very proud of you , 35 days is a great accomplishemnt. How did you do it, Your withdrawal and the side effects are still fresh in your mind. Continue w/. NA they will strengthen you and the friends you make there are better than the friends you had while on drugs. You need a whold new social outlet.

We have a new member ChickieB that is on her 3rd day and is having a hard time, maybe you can offer her some words of encouragement. That's what we are here for.

I have an illness caused by drugs and alcohol and the insurance co wants my meds changed, what business is it of their's anyway, because of the cost. Well I have been going through withdrawals, so I remember the pain and depression I went through the 2 times before, once for drugs and then for alcohol, It was a nightmare. So any help you can give our members that are going through withdrawal would be great, Again I am so proud of you, it was not easy, I know that and the more encouragement the members get the better are the chances of them staying clean. I know I had alot of relapses. so its good to have a support system. Also by writing to the members and giving them support strengths your resolve to stay clean because you remember the nightmare of using and crashing. I hope you will help, we have several now that are going through a rough time. Welcome to the group, I am proud and happy to have you with us. You are a great addition to our group, with your experience and knowledge you can contribute so much and get so much in return. Knowing that you are helping someone, that you are using that terrible time in your life and doing something good about it is a great feeling. I am very glad you joined our group

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