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03/17/2012 05:40 AM

Organizing Time

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here's a tip I learned a while back from a therapist when I was so frustrated feeling like I never get anything done.

*first she had me jot down what I was doing every fifteen minutes throughout the day for a few days so I could get a feel for how I'm already using my time.

*Then she had me write down what I wanted to be able to accomplish in a day.

* The following week, I took that list and measured how long it took me to complete each task. For example, it took me 30 minutes to wash dishes, 20 minutes to shower and dress, it took three hours to read my, etc.

* So then, with the list and times allotted for each activity, we sectioned off blocks of time to designate to each activity in a scheduling book. I make my own schedules now without a book so I can have more flexibility since most schedule books are for a typical work day from 8am to 5 pm and I want to schedule my whole day to help keep me on track.

There are several ways to write out a schedule, but this is how I do it...

*write the date on top: Week of Jan 1 to Jan 6

*below that, across the top of the page, write the days of the week that you want to schedule

* down the left side, write the times of the day starting with the first hour you want to schedule, and ending with the last. It can be done in whatever increments benefit you the most...hourly, half hour, 15 minutes, etc. I sometimes do different increments for different times of the day...smaller increments on parts of the day that I want to schedule in more detail.

* Then the fun begins. Write your schedule into the time blocks.

Schedules don't have to be written in stone. They should be flexible, and if something isn't working for you, it can easily be changed. Use erasable pencil. So, if I decide I need five hours for email instead of three, I can easily see what other things I'll be giving up for the extra email time. It helps me make informed decisions...and reminds me of things I wouldn't want to compromise picking a child up at school, or a doctor appointment.

Keep a calendar handy so that when you schedule inflexible things like doctor appointments, or a concert you have tickets for, you can easily see if you've already scheduled something else for that time on your calendar. Also, when you sit down to make your weekly schedule, use your calendar to block in time on your schedule for those inflexible things before filling in with the flexible stuff.

I keep my homemade schedule in one of those "fat little notebooks' that I get from the dollar store. That is a good size for me to tote around with me


03/17/2012 05:44 AM
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Oops. I sent the post before finishing. I was trying to say I use one of those fat little notebooks, but my son keeps his on a dry erase board on the wall so he doesn't lose it, and you may want to use a bigger notebook, or a pre made scheduling book. It all depends on what works for you. There is no one 'right' way for everyone.

03/27/2012 01:26 PM
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JoyfulMomma that was a great post full of wonderful suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to put it up! Very informative and inspiring.

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