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11/28/2010 07:02 PM

Need help with my daughter's IEP

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for help and was delighted when I found this group. My daughter is 4years old and was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome at 6 months. Since then, she has received physical and speech therapy and now is pretty much caught up with her classmates. Here is my dilemma: my daughter is now in preschool and her school district wants to take her off her IEP. They say that she is now in the low range of normal for speech and language development (her IEP coding) and therefore no longer qualifies for being on an IEP. I have tried to explain that DiGeorge syndrome often causes kids to appear to catch up at certain points in education, but then they fall behind at other points (i.e. when abstract thought is used more). This has fallen on deaf ears. In fact, the district doesn't seem to know anything about DiGeorge. I feel like if my daughter had Autism, this would not be an issue.

Has anyone else gone through this with their child? Are there certain tests that usually qualifies children with DiGeorge for IEP services? I may be over reacting, but I feel that my daughter will fall behind without the support she is receiving. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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