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07/26/2009 07:34 AM

fighting that emotional eating argh!

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Who can relate?

I lost 12#. Very happy about how I look. I'm working out a lot and loving it. But, something is gnawing at me...something emotionally that's restive/can't relax. And, I can't get to it, can't figure it out. Maybe it's too complex.

BUT, for the first time, I'm not reaching for the junk food. Yeah, that's my habit...mindless eating to counter that sinking feeling. I think my diet is so healthy generally that that's what's keeping me from overeating on the cookies and candy bars we have in the house. I haven't had any of those, yet...ther's still time. Instead occassionally, I'm reaching for a handful of honeyroasted sunflower seeds and almonds and broccoli and cauliflower that I cooked up last night. So, it's not a bad response but wow, I can really feel myself wanting to slip into that dark abyss that was home for so long.

I only want to lose weight once. I don't want to gain back what I've already lost. I know this is all emotional and not really about hunger.

ugh! This is my personal pitts.


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