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04/08/2012 07:47 AM

How I lost weight

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I had put on weight because of an injury that made me tired all the time. When I got my energy back, the weight felt like it was slowing me down. I got determined to drop the weight. The only thing that made sense was to eat less and do more. It takes energy and determination, but I Thought about everything I ate, and just ate what I felt I needed, no more, and made Everything like an exercise, no matter what I did. If I had to bend down to pick up something, I started bending further, like when touching your palms, when touching your toes. If I had to turn to get something, I turned further than needed, like when exercising. Instead of making an activity easy, I made it harder. When eating, if I made a sandwich, I made Half of one. Not cutting a whole one in half, but used one slice of bread. If I was still hungry I ate more of what I put in it, not a 2nd half with bread. My goal was to lose weight, not to feel full after eating, but just satisfied, or doing the least work to accomplish a task but the most, and the weight came off fast.

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